Dusty Baker has come full circle and deserves a ring

Dusty Baker has come full circle and deserves a ring

Johhny B. "Dusty" Baker Jr. has spent most of his life playing in the dirt. From his early childhood of playing in a dirt spot in his backyard, so much so his mom nicknamed him "Dusty," to his illustrious playing career that spanned 19 years. It didn't stop there, of


3 pennants in 5 years. Another World Series in Houston, Texas babbyyyyy. The Apollo crew will knock out part 1 of a roundtable that will only cover the first two games in the series and then have another one before we head off to Atlanta. Still Tickin' - Astros 2021
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The Optimist's Guide to the Houston Rockets

The Optimist’s Guide to the Houston Rockets

Out with the old and in with the new. It's a classic mantra, meant to usher in the beginning of something fresh, something different. With eight players in either their rookie or sophomore NBA season, the Rockets have taken "youth movement" to the next level. After last season's turmoil, the
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Co-creator of Apollo Media. Host of Beyond The Diamond and Road to Omaha Podcasts. 

Blogger. Podcaster. Twitch Personality.


Co-creator of Apollo Media. Native Houstonian and Astros fan since birth.


A Houston Native, Jackson has been an avid fan of the Rockets since before Tracy McGrady sucked the gravity right out of the building. A broadcast journalism graduate from the University of Houston with previous roles at ESPN 97.5 and SportsTalk 790, Jackson is currently a Partner of Apollo Media and also host of the Locked On Rockets Podcast.


Collin is a Houston lifer with a passion for all things H-Town. An undefeated Astros little league team sparked a life-long fandom of the Houston Astros. Watching the Rockets win back-to-back championships as a child became a fabric of his being. The Texans exist. Collin enjoys creating quirky video and image content for Apollo Media and co-hosts the Apollo Hour sometimes-live podcast where he and Dez (and guests) keep the city updated on the latest Houston sports news — with some personal flair baked in for sweetness.



Apollo, is a pillar which has stood throughout time and continues to have generations look up at the stars. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, “ was an ethos for every human being on this Earth at one point, and while everyone gazed upon the stars and the moon wishing and hoping that was them, the city of Houston was at work.

Space City.
A city that has immense culture, a town with championship pedigree, and a mentality that is described as H-Town vs. Everyone. Houston, Texas does not get the love, the hype, the headlines that it deserves- until now.

Today we introduce to you: Apollo Media.
Apollo Media is a Houston-based company, and our vision is to provide original, creative, diverse content that engages you, the fans, in a way you have never seen before. Collectively we believe that Houston sports have been missing a voice in the media for too long. A voice that understands the day in and day out of the dedicated Houstonians; from the traffic jams you sit in on 610 to the Slim Thug or George Strait in your speakers. During these turbulent times, you can rest easy knowing you now have a website that not only represents you but is in the trenches fighting right next to you. We understand that Houston is a state of mind, and it stretches far past the lanes of 99. We represent everyone that shares the passion of Houston sports no matter where you call home.

Today at Apollo Media, we make one small step on this journey that will change the landscape of sports media forever, and we hope that by the end, you will take the giant leap with us.