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Movies & Pop Culture

After just two seasons one of my favorite shows is now gone forever. HBO cancelling 'Winning Time' was like a shot to my heart.

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College Football

I've got some things to say about Netflix's 'Untold: Swamp Kings' as someone who grew up during the Southeastern Conference renaissance.

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Movies & Pop Culture

Few things in our film world have become inevitable and prominent as we inch closer the year of our Lord 2024. For decades, filmmakers...

Talk To Me movie still

Movies & Pop Culture

Talk to Me Synopsis Talk To Me goes for the jugular and succeeds at every turn. I haven’t been blown away by a horror...

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I was quick to bash the team for taking an Ohio State quarterback last draft, but I think I'm ready to admit I was...


Week 2 of the NFL season has been recorded and it is already going by way too fast. It should really slow down because...

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Our new NFL podcast, Play Action Takes, asks are the Buffalo Bills under surveillance? Check out our NFL Week 2 preview today!

College Football

2023 Season Record: 4-7 (-4.5 Units)  I know what you are all thinking. “Why should I even read this blog? This guy is 4-7...


Jay Arnold previews the final race of the first round of NASCAR's playoffs - the Bass Pro Shops Night Race from Bristol.