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Dez’s Thoughts From The Weekend

I will pull the curtain back a bit. In a perfect world, I would love to blog and do video content only. That’s it. But when you make that leap in life to start your own company, you can’t do only content. You cant do the bare minimum. But that is what makes Apollo Media so unique to me because if you love something, you want to make sure you oversee what is going on across the entire kingdom. I had an old coach that stated you had to fall in love with the process to have any chance in life. It was not about the game under the lights at all; it was about the early morning workouts, the extra hours in the cages and weight room, the time studying scouting reports, all the little things before you even stepped in between the lines. I will be the first to say this is probably the first thing in my life post-college baseball, where I fell in love with the process again. The long hours behind the scenes to perfect one thing on the website that goes unnoticed by everyone, the non-stop search to find advertisers for the site, podcast, and merch store. To make sure the team is engaged and ready to follow you to the moon and beyond because that rocket is going to the moon come hell or high water. 

That is the Process. 

No.1 – Get Lost In The Sauce

Houston Flying Saucer 

705 Main St, Houston, Texas 77002

Saturday, March 21st. 1-6 P.M. 

That process is starting to come into fruition. We have partnered up with Houston Flying Saucer to have a pop-up store with our merchandise for sale to the general public. We will be there all day to drink some brews, talk some Houston sports and sell some of the fan-favorite shirts. Since this is my company, I am going to give the green light to give away a STUPID discount code to everyone who comes to the event. It will only be available to those who come, so put it on your calendar and let’s have a memorable Saturday. 

No. 2- The Rockets are BROKEN

WOOOFFF, was this the worst week in the Morey era? I believe so, but also something is not right with this team. To go from the hottest team in the NBA and the small ball virus taking over the league to dropping four games in a row to the Knicks (LOL), the Clippers, the Hornets (UMMM) AND the Magic (WTF IS THIS) None of the games were close if you watched, we just got our asses handed to us. I have no idea if its the league adjusting to the small-ball lineup or tired legs or just not any will to play to right now, but whatever it is this week has been one to forget.

No.3- Father Time is Undefeated

Justin Verlander, our ace, pulled himself from today’s start after only two innings when he was scheduled to go at least four innings. Yeah, the panic button is very much in play here. Look I get it, Justin has been unworldly since we traded for him in 2017 and he is a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but he is 37 years old. We all envision him to be the Cy-Young award winner he was last year, the one who eats up innings and have his absurdly high K/9. Still, there has to be someone who has to mention that what he is capable of is not sustainable, and as he gets older, these little injuries tend to pile up on seasoned veterans that is just the way it goes. JV and ZG are going to have to shoulder the load of this very young staff, so let’s all light a candle tonight. 

No.4- The Houston Roughnecks Are The Greatest Football Team Ever Assembled

Football is king, but football in Texas well that is religion. We have two very talented writers here @lilbrotaylor and @mrmisterbobbyb1 who cover the undefeated Roughnecks every move. To see them excited every week because the team they cover is an absolute WAGON is the best. I will let them cover the squad, but I have to say P.J. Walker and Cam Phillips will be on NFL rosters next year, so let’s enjoy them while we still have them on our championship run. 

No.5 Podcast, Podcast, Podcast

Podcasting is a bubble. Everyone and their mother have a podcast right now, but the promise I make to you today about the Misson Control Podcast is that you will not find another podcast that is more organic and grassroots than maybe Rogan. The Mission Control podcast is about yall. It is about the easy listen while you’re at work or while you’re head to the office. Our sole focus is to have a conversation that you will enjoy and bring on the people that have sculpted the Houston sports landscape and hear their stories. Subscribe tomorrow. Unsubscribe. Then resubscribe and leave a five-star review. 

No. 6- Mad Men

Apollo Media is going to the moon. With my last dying breath, I will make sure that happens. This is a unique time for everybody reading this for the opportunity to get on this rocket. If you or someone you know is looking for a chance for more exposure of your business, then no look further than Apollo Media. Send us an email at, and we can discuss opportunities to get the name of your company in advertisement spots. Don’t miss the rocket. 

No. 7- The Hunters

Stop what you are doing right now and get on Amazon Prime and start Hunters. The show takes place in 1977, and a group of vigilantes comes together to hunt influential people of the Nazi party who escaped to America as war refugees. I am only halfway through currently, but this cast highlighted by Al Pacino is exceptional, and as a history nerd has me glued to my seat. 

We have a big week in store for all of yall in week three of our Apollo Media launch month. More merch, more content, more life. 

– @ApolloDez1 

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