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Sixtyish Thoughts on a Sixty Game Szn

My thoughts on this season off the top of my head.

  1. How do you get over losing four home games in the WS and being eight outs away from winning your 2nd title in 3 years? Answer- You cry a lot.
  2. How do you replace Gerrit Cole? Answer- You do not.
  3. Ok, now that is over, and the Band-Aid is ripped off a 60 game sprint in 66 days is going to be absolute electric must-watch television. No more dog days of summer grinding out games on the west coast its fucking go time.
  5. Astros, Oakland, Rangers, Angels, Mariners. That is my AL West Prediction.
  6. Rays are winning the AL East. HOT TAKES ONLY.
  7. The Minnesota Twins are a wagon they win the central.
  8. With the new rules, each division’s runner ups make the playoffs, so Oakland, Indians, and Yankees are in.
  9. The two wildcards will be White Sox and Texas.
  10. NL East- Braves and Mets
  11. NL West- Dodgers and Padres
  12. NL Central- Cubs and Cardinals
  13. Wildcards- Reds and Phillies
  15. Now for the 2017 Champions, two time AL champions and three-time AL West champions.
  16. JV Day is the best day. 12th opening day start. LEGEND.
  17. The third opening day start as an Astro. That is still such an absurd thing to say out loud.
  19. Armenteros, Peacock, and Pruitt will start the season on the Injured list
  20. Where art tho Yordan and Urquidy? edit: see last thought
  22. Our closer has thrown one bullpen before we play 60 games in 66 days. That seems rad.
  23. Justin Verlander and Zach G, honestly, I was worried how they would handle anchoring the staff with father time hanging outside of the championship window, but a 60 game season is almost perfect value.
  24. JV the 2020 Cy Young award winner, the man is 37 years old and had offseason SURGERY but would have been in-season surgery if it wasn’t for COVID-19. A short sprint is probably great for the Hall of Famer as he will be in midseason form in OCTOBER.
  25. ZG is probably more pissed he won’t be able to hit anymore due to the universal DH, but the last time he left the rubber he was cruising like Greg Maddux in game 7 of the World Series
  26. Thanks a lot, AJ…
  27. The return of LMJ, when he toes the rubber on Saturday, I hope he soaks it all in. Yes there should be a packed MMP screaming their hearts out but damn it does that moment not mean a lot. THE GUY PITCHED WITH NO UCL to try to get us to repeat. [link new lmj shirt]
  28. LMJ looked exceptional on Monday during the exhibition, and it looked effortless. I know every start won’t be like that, but he is one of the best young arms in the game when he is on.
  29. What do we do for the 4th and 5th spots? on top of so many question marks in the bullpen having your 4th and 5th starter not locked in is scary.
  30. JU please come back. update: he did
  31. Paredes is a fuckin stud. He moves the ball all over the plate, sits 97, and the entire pitching repertoire is FILTH
  32. George Springer if this is it, thank you. You have been here from the jump and you deserve all the money coming your way.
  33. Carlos Correa MVP? We know the injury stories year in and year out but in a 60 game sprint this is the perfect moment to watch him shine.
  34. Alex Bregman 2020 MVP.
  35. Jose Altuve MVP? I mean come on did we forget how stacked this squad is?
  36. Uncle Mike the smoothest dude on the planet is going to do what he does everyday. HIT.
  37. Enjoy Yuli this year yall.
  38. TOP HEAVY LINEUP. What do we do with the bottom half ?
  39. Reddick on a contract year and very well could be his last year in the H will want to show potential suitors that the veteran can still swing it. He has Tucker quick on his heels. Well maybe?
  40. Why are we carrying three catchers? edit: i see now with the Braves in a shit situation
  41. Dusty Baker please prove me wrong.
  42. We know what we got with him as a skip, and it doesn’t bring the warm and fuzzies. He over manages doesn’t embrace analytics, overthrows starters, can’t win the big game. October haunts him.
  43. Joe Espada enjoys him Houston he’s going to get a big-league job next year.
  44. JIMMY CLICK, all the eyes are on you brother. With everyone making the playoffs, I do not think we will see any last-second midnight trades, but how he approaches the sprint will be something to watch.
  45. Myles Straw speed and position versatility is an automatic gamechanger. Yes the fans love Jake M but Straw is the much better weapon.
  46. Kyle Tucker this is your moment. Don’t throw away your shot.
  47. With Brantley, springer, and Reddick all FA to be, this is Tucker’s moment to begin the takeover.
  48. Call up TANIELU
  49. Toro/Mayfield are going to have big moments and i think they are going to shine.
  50. Bryan Abreu, Cristian Javier, Blake Taylor and Brandon Bielak WELCOME TO THE BIG SHOW. With so many question marks and so many games in so many days, these young arms have to eat innings and be productive.
  51. DEVO THE DRAGON needs to return to all-star form, and I think he will. I think he was tipping his pitches and its been fixed.
  52. FLAMES JAMES PLEASE STAND UP. We know he has that 100 mph heater, but we need to see him develop into a pitcher and not a thrower if he makes that next step lookout. BIG IF though.
  53. 13,954 miles. that is going to be quite the points on the united card.
  54. Enoli Paredes. That’s it. That’s the tweet. I am his #1 STAN.
  55. Forrest Whitley either shit or get off the pot. The time is now.
  56. I am intrigued by how teams will handle the taxi squad and COVID teams when players test positive
  57. Juan Soto, the 21 year old tested positive before opening day and the test results won’t be ready for the players he was with for two days won’t be ready until SATURDAY.
  58. The testing infrastructure for MLB is flawed, and it will be a shit show all season
  59. Replacing Miley[ yes he had 14 wins last year] and Cole [20 wins] sure seems much easier in a 60 game sprint than a 162 grinding season.
  60. No fans, no boos, no problems.
  61. I did think the AL West was going to be close this year, but with every time making the playoffs, I am less worried about that now. Oakland will be a thorn in our side, Rangers have had the power and not the pitching and seems like they do now. Angels have a present-day mickey mantle and Ohtani, and the Mariners well they have the PNW.
  62. Is anyone even still reading this? IF SO ITS GAMEDAY YALL LETS FUCKING GO!


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pat Moore

    July 24, 2020 at 5:50 pm

    #58 should read “The MLB is flawed.” This was great. Let’s go Astros!

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