Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here?

We have lost 8 of our last 9 and we just pissed away the AL West 4 peat.


Right now there is blood in the water and other teams smell it and they will be going for the kill. We can talk about the terrible in-game management that has hurt all year, we can talk about the injury bug biting and burrowing inside of our organization, we can talk about trotting out a new rookie every single night, we can talk about our All-Stars not performing at an All-Star level but honestly what good is that going to do then frustrate us more.

The simple fact is this: Just win, baby.

That is the only thing that cures this, the only thing that gets this city, fanbase and organization back on its feet. Because right now it feels like Ivan Drago just landed a straight body blow, then a right hook to the ribs and a jab to the face. Are we still standing? Yes. Are the legs wobbling? You’re goddamn right.

As a city we are currently 1-11 in the last week and a half. With the Rockets game 3 and Texans season opener looming tonight.

Heartbreak Houston.


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