What Do You Do When You Waste A Start Like That?

What Do You Do When You Waste A Start Like That?

Lance McCullers Jr, The Dark Knight, The Heartbeat of Houston, came back from an IL stint and well looked how he always does at home, untouchable. He went 7 innings of 8 strikeout ball and scattered 2 hits along the way. Lance who has frequented the IL this season, which was expected coming off Tommy, has had a season that is best described by his home/road splits but there is no need to deep dive into the numbers because we all know and he knows that he has to be better on the road and he will. The graphic that caught my eye tho last night was the side by side comparison of LMJ and The Rocket stats pitching at MMP.

Simply Dominant LMJ.

Back to the game, both teams were aided by a strike zone last night that was so bad that I believe there was more strikes called outside of the zone than inside the zone. The zone was bad both ways and both pitching staffs exploited it all night.

That’s baseball baby.

I asked what do you do when you waste a start like that earlier in the blog. Well its quite simple what you do. You go and put up a 10 spot on your rivals to send them on their way tonight. That is what you do.

The only good thing that came out of last night is that out West the San Francisco beat the Mariners 9-3 to preserve our 2 game lead for a playoff spot. All roads lead to next weeks matchup against the Mariners to get into the dance.


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