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One Game at a Time

Yesterday the offense came alive, but it was only one game. Today is a new day, let’s get one win closer this afternoon.

Listen, yesterday was absolutely electric. The offense was humming, it was basically a home run derby in L.A., but the job isn’t close to being finished. We got to have some fun and talk shit on Twitter yesterday, but realize that the Astros need two more wins in just this series to move on.

The Astros have tons of playoff experience, and they have a ton of players that have literally no experience in the playoffs, let alone in the actual MLB. So, as Astros fans, let’s take this game by game, and win by win. We deserved to talk a little bit of shit yesterday, and be happy and whatnot, but just remember today is a new day.

Now, onto the yesterday’s game. It was awesome. Lance McCullers Jr. looked great in the first inning, and then it all fell apart. His stuff was nasty, as usual, but with nasty stuff comes nasty hangers. If any of you play MLB The Show 20, you know sometimes you get perfect input on a off speed pitch and it still hangs where the other player sends it 480 feet and replays the homerun? That’s what happened to Lance yesterday. He got heated and frustrated and that only lead to more homers.

Luckily the Astros offense decided to wake up and score 10 runs. George Springer went 4-5 with a huge double in the sixth inning to get within one run. Jose Altuve went 2-4, Alex Bregman went 2-4 and Carlos Correa talked that shit and went 3-5 with two huge center field homers.

The haters were sick. They couldn’t believe that Carlos Correa would hit not only one, but two home runs in the same game AND celebrate it.

The other tremendous thing from yesterday was the bullpen. They pitched five scoreless and hitless innings. Only one walk was allowed by Christian Javier, and we have a superstar bullpen piece in Enoli Paredes.

The offense went bonkers yesterday and we can only hope that it continues. The Death Lineup showed up. One game at a time boys and girls, let’s get another W today.

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