So Lets Talk About Spring Training

So Lets Talk About Spring Training

The crack of the bat and the sounds of the catchers mitt popping, DAMN IT WE ARE SO BACK BABY!

As we defrost from the Night Kings winter. The boys are in sunny West Palm Beach and all the focus right now after the first full team workout is when will Crane and Click extend their superstar shortstop who is on the verge of entering free agency. Don’t believe me check out all of Houston’s Sports media talking about it.

Ok, maybe that last guy is off his rocker a bit but, Carlos Correa is the talk of camp as he should be. Teams spend years looking for an elite shortstop, spend millions of dollars and draft capital hoping to get a guy who can anchor the defense and the middle of your lineup with an elite skillset and guess what Jimmy Click, this is not Tampa Bay you have one right here. Home grown just like you like it and all you have to do is offer 210 million dollars give or take. Yes, the injury concerns are valid, yes I hear you in the mentions making a massage joke, BUT Carlos Correa is a budding superstar entering his prime who wants to play in Houston.

Now Carlos, whoever is teaching you to leverage the media against the Front Office deserves a pay raise. CC IS SAYING ALL THE RIGHT THINGS. He is leveraging his last year and talking about being able to play third base and increasing his value before he even steps into the batter box. Well done kid.

Carlos and his camp have officially put the Houston Astros on the clock by stating that an extension needs to be done before the season starts. One call could change everything but the ball is in your court Click and Crane. Game on.


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