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Please take a deep breath; it is not the 60 game sprint; it is not October; this one game in April on the West Coast isn’t the straw that breaks the camels back. Yes, losing sucks. I am the same guy who yelled on the 24-hour stream, ” I don’t even like winning; I just hate losing that much.” Yes, the game slipped away from us last night. It will be ok.

Last night was a byproduct of 4 days in a row; your starting pitcher did not qualify for a quality start and the bullpen’s overuse. It was also a byproduct of an offense that jumped out to a 3-0 lead and decided to go on cruise control even though there were plenty of times throughout the game to break it open. That’s baseball baby. Tip of the cap to the Angels finally playing in front of a playoff crowd for once and for their execution out of the pen and the 4 run spot in the 8th.

Luis Garcia was cruising until he wasn’t. I wouldn’t say he had a bad appearance at all. He just failed to get 5 innings under his belt. Mike Trout did touch him up for a ball that is currently in orbit outside of Earth’s stratosphere, but hey, it’s Mike Trout. The battle of the 5th spot is up for grabs between Garcia and Bielak until Odorizzi comes back, and as long as those two arms push each other, I think the fans will enjoy what they are seeing. Joe Smith blew the game in the 8th and looked bad tonight but props to the Angels for not quitting and scraping runs.

The offense came out on fire, and we all thought it was going to be a long night for the Angels. 5 pitches and 3 hits later, the Stros jumped out to the early lead.

Yuli stayed on fire, Correa and Yordan got their swings going, and Kyle Tucker had the at-bat of the night in the top of the 9th. Tucker fouled off a million pitches in a row to finally turn around a fastball to dead center that sailed way over Trout’s head that cut the deficit to one.

Oh well, the dream of 162-0 is dead. We play this afternoon in our first-day game, and I am excited to see how the boys bounce back.


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