Frozen and Losing an Apollo Dez Story

Frozen and Losing an Apollo Dez Story

Last night was fun, until it wasn’t.

Coors Field was rocking like Minute Maid Park for about 5 2/3 innings, then all of the fire and brimstone of boos rained down on us pretty damn hard. Our section had some “Rockies” fans that were in their White Sox, Yankee, Padres, and Rays jersey letting us have it a bit. Glad they had that moment to go home to their loser life and tell their loser friends they booed us. Ok cool.

Luis Garcia pitched his big ole ass off last night. He was on all night and he was just smiling and having a great time. He pitched out of jams, he had some big strikeouts and damn did we find another full time starter?

One run is never going to win a ball game but last night it felt like it could. Just being at the game the real momentum and vibe that was on the field was all wiped away when Myles Straw got beat on a ball that was 113 mph off the bat by Cron. It is the same old story every week. Bullpen implosions, misplayed balls in center, and no offense. It is honestly quite frustrating but I think a lot of the fanbase is on a 60 game sprint mentality and not thinking thru 162.

It sucks, it is freezing cold and my dumbass is headed back to Coors today in the snow.


P.S. Carlos Correa had Coors boppin

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