We officially have chaos in MLB

We officially have chaos in MLB

Orange team bad is what I’ve been told for a year and a half now. The Astros are the cheaters, everyone else was pure, and clean. No one else cheated in any way, shape or form. That’s what I’ve been told!

After a week of talking about pine tar, sunscreen, spider tack, and other sticky substances that let MLB pitchers get a better grip on the ball, and have erroneous spin rates, we get Mr. Ryan M. Spaeder throwing chaos on the timeline. I’ve been waiting, oh, so long I’ve been waiting for more baseball fans to admit that orange team bad is stupid.

It appears that the Astros were cheated out of getting to play for a pennant, or even a World Series in 2015 because the Royals were cheating. How fitting. Aaron Judge wasn’t as good at the whole hitting thing when he didn’t have his friendly cheating scheme helping him decipher what off-speed pitches were coming. Riddle me that.

The Dodgers, and whiny Cody Bellinger happen to be doing the exact same bullshit in the exact same series that they are still complaining about three and a half years later. Get a fucking grip, dude. Chase Utley may be the biggest fraud of them all! Utley knew the Astros were getting after it in the dugout because he was the biggest cheater. Eat a bag of dicks you pretentious liar, Chase Utley.

An Arlington Ranger was cheating, which isn’t surprising to any of us here. The Rockies cheated and now Charlie Blackmon isn’t as good, and Colorado still can’t win anything.

And the last tweet was saved for last. The Astros cheated, yes, we all understand that. They happened to learn everything from Carlos Beltran, who happened to take it from the Rangers and Yankees. HELLO, IS THIS THING ON? EVERYONE CHEATED. EVERYONE DID THE SAME THINGS. 2017 STILL COUNTS, I’LL SCREAM IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS. NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, SMDFTB.

-Stoney (@stoneystrank)

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  1. Jimmy

    I’ve said it all along everyone cheats in MLB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dabdaily

    And did you see that same person that tweeted all, backtrack on everything he said and later delete the posts saying it was all unverified as well as apologize for it. Stop trying to justify what the Asstros did.

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