Letters From The Road

Letters From The Road

Editors Note: @ApolloNewGuy is a modern-day Daniel Day-Lewis

Dearest Mother,

I write to you under the faintest candlelight. There is blood and mangled bodies all over the place and our troops are scattered throughout the northern part of California. I write to you not knowing this letter may reach you as I do fear that death is knocking at my door. We crossed the Rocky Mountains and realized that John Denver was full of shit, and we rode as heroes throughout the night in a victorious formation. Admiral Altuve, who was not a fan favorite of every town we rode in led our regiment to a victory to start off the campaign and the troops were inspired as young General Espada took command and directed the perfect counteroffensive. The morale was high and we all believed the folklore of Giants wondering the bay was exactly folklore but we were terribly wrong. As General Dusty and his specialist, Private Raley joined the front lines after a wrong turn we realized that the myths of the Giants were true as they emerged through the waters from behind Alcatraz they ripped apart our front lines leaving blood and mangled bodies on the battlefield. It did not matter that Corporal Greinke and Sergent Garcia led a valiant attack because the Giants of the bay forced us to retreat south of what was left of our army. We hope to regroup but there are whisperings that Sir Michael Brantley and Colonel Bregman are injured or missing. I hope that these are just terrible rumors but as a front line soldier, I have no time to focus on these soldier’s whisperings as we know General Scherzer is rallying a full assault on our retreating forces from the south.

Your dearest son,


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