The September Sprint

The September Sprint

The calendar turns to September, Earth Wind and Fire blares on Twitter, the pumpkin spice is thrown in our face, and our Astros wake up from the dog days of summer to put the league on notice. Well, that has been the last five years, and I hope 2021 is just like that. I am tired of looking at the A’s and Mariners schedule and creating fake scenarios in my mind on how each series plays out vs. ours. I am tired that in the back of my mind, I don’t think this team can reach the playoffs. I am tired of how stupid I am that I think this team will stumble down the stretch. I am just tired.

The September Sprint doesn’t care if I am tired, and it doesn’t care what your team has done in the past. Baseball is a fickle mistress, and she wants to see you fall on the ground and cry looking at you 2019.

We have 30 games left. That is it. I feel like the season has flown by and also hasn’t. It is safe to say this month is the biggest month of the season until the next. That is the life that we live as sports fans. We have 6 remaining series against division opponents. Those 21 games are the season. This team is built for this Sprint and October, and they have the opportunity to step and deliver for this city and fanbase and themselves again. This season has been a roller coaster with the constant booing and shit-talking from every opposing fanbase, but what is a better fuck you to the league and all the haters than raising another World Series banner in the H. I think the best times are ahead of us all, and I am excited for the opportunity that Apollo has to deliver content day in and day out down this stretch.


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