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NFL Roundup- Week 3

We had a billion turnovers, drama all over the league, and touchdowns. Let’s get into it.

Packers 30 vs. 49ers 28

Unless Aaron Rodgers is 6 feet in the ground, if you gave him any time in the 4th quarter to come back and rip your heart out he will. Once again on primetime, we see #12 calm, cool, and collected take the Packers down the field with 37 seconds and no timeouts, and what happens? Another game-winning FG. Damn you, Aaron Rodgers.

Vikings 30 vs. Seahawks 17

Kirk Cousins is Kirk Cousins. He is a first-half hero we all know this, but it was a damn good win. The Seahawks have a rush defense problem.

Rams 34 vs. Tom Brady 24

Buddy, Matt Stafford has the Rams as a legit contender. Stafford and Kupp LIT up the defending champions while the Rams defense made the HOFer uncomfortable all day.

Raiders 31 vs. Dolphins 28 F/OT

Peyton Manning said this Raiders team would win only 6 games this year. They are halfway there thru week 3. The Raiders play some ugly ass football but a win is a win and you can’t go home with the prom queen if you don’t have a ticket to the dance. Vegas was poppin last night and they are believing in the desert.

Broncos 26. vs Jets 0

JETS STINK. Broncos are ok?

Cardinals 31 vs. Jaguars 19

The Jaguars had a kick 6 and still lost by 2 scores. I don’t see how Urban doesn’t bolt back to college football after this. Kyler Murray is going to win a lot of MVPs me thinks.

Bengals 24 vs. Steelers 10

Oh Big Ben what are we doing brother. I might not be an NFL offensive coordinator but you might want to protect your 90 year old QB1. The Bengals defense was flying all over the place and Burrow and Chase were TORCHIN the secondary.

Falcons 17 vs. Giants 14

I will never get those hours back watching this game.

Saints 28 vs. Patriots 13

I am ALL IN on Jamesis. It also has nothing with what he does as QB1. He is probably the funniest and goofiest guy in the league.

Chargers 30 vs. Chiefs 24

The Chiefs are 1-2. I am absolutely shocked at how human they have shown themselves to be in the last two weeks. Their defense has been getting gashed. Mahomes has made some dumb throws that a rookie wouldn’t even do. Hats off to the LA Chargers for grinding out a win and also going for it on 4th and 9 when they should have just run out the clock. NFL game management always blows my mind.

Titans 25 vs. Colts 16

The Titans social media team had everyone in Houston throwing a fit this week with their Oiler appreciation tweets. Look the Oilers left way before I was born and the Texans were not around when I was growing up BUT what I know is this, Football is KING in this state and when an organization leaves you and then pokes fun at it I can see where the anger comes from. Anyways The Oilers beat the Colts and their offense is pretty salty.

Ravens 19 vs. Lions 17

Justin. Fucking. Tucker.

That is it. Game. Blouses.

Browns 26 vs. Bears 6

The Browns defense feasted on Justin Fields. NINE SACKS on the rookie getting his first start. Nagy should be FIRED for the way he scripted this game and let Fields out to dry.

Bills 43 vs. Football Team 21


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