AL West Champions Yet Again

AL West Champions Yet Again


That is something you can’t scoff at. The Golden Age of the Astros is alive and well. Yes, the goal is always pennants and world series parades, but getting there is a lot easier when you take care of business and rack up division titles. You do not want to be sweating a one game winner takes all wild card matchup, your sanity and mine can not take that. What we witnessed last night was another series win and a big one against the #1 seed in the AL.

Myself and Spaceman were at the game last night looking to extend our win streak to five games and we got to witness Carlos Correa step up in another big moment and watched LMJ emerge into the STAFF ACE. MMP was rocking on a Thursday night and it was the first time in a long time I have had that much fun at a regular season game.

We are just getting fucking started.


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