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Dez’s Thoughts From The Weekend

I will be running this series back as we get into the early swing of the content season. With January turning into February, the content world is starting to pick up and the “off-season” for most of us is about to end. There is a lot to update yall on and I will get to that later on maybe like a state of the union speech idk idk.

  • What a fucking weekend in the NFL. Possibly the greatest weekend in the history of the sport.

  • The divisional round started with Joey B and the Bengals stealing a win in Nashville. THE TITANS HAD THE 1 SEED AND HOME FIELD AND PLAYED LIKE BOO BOO. Ryan Tannehill is the not the answer at QB1 and every year they trot him out they are wasting some damn good talent. Shoutout Joey B for forcing my hand and I am on the brink of flying to Cincinnati and eating skyline chili. Hate that for me.
  • The 49ers defense and special teams downright willed their team to victory. What looked like an ugly win for the Packers and everyone believing they would cruise to another title game turned into a nightmare. We all knew the Packers had Rodgers and Davante Adams and it has been lethal but the field turning into an ice rink and the 49ers scheming some amazing run traps late in the game has me dancing on the grave of every Packers fan because they have always had the Cowboys number the last decade.
  • It was ALMOST 28-3 all over again. Tom Brady somehow someway with the clock winding down and limited possessions tied a game he should have never been in. We all thought it was another wild chapter in this career that would make Houdini blush. THEN Matthew Stafford, yes Matthew Stafford who has been doing this entire career but was stuck in Detroit, made the throw of his life. Suh in his face, off his backfoot, a seed to Kupp who had a free release in Cover 0. Game. Blouses. NFC West conference championship.
  • Allen vs. Mahomes is the new Frazier/Ali. I have no words on how to explain the last game but CHAOS. That was the Super Bowl.
  • Space Cowboys!! 1/29/22 the official rebrand of The Sugar Land Skeeters are rumored to be changing their name to The Space Cowboys. I am pumped for the rebrand and selfishly it is great for content for APOLLO. I will be out there Saturday, so don’t meet me there, beat me there.
  • I went viral on TikTok. Content doesn’t sleep but I refuse to be pigeoned hole into being the Keto guy on TikTok. 3.4 million views, half a million likes. NOPE I REFUSE.

We’ve all been there with our diet. #keto #ArbysDiabloDare #CloseYourRings

♬ Oh No – Kreepa


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