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Lost Letters of Hope: Houston Astros ALDS 2022

Game 1 – 10/11/2022

Dearest Mother,

Today marked the first day of battle and the sign to come that things are never easy as they initially seem. The other troops and I marched to the local haberdasheries to enjoy some cold ale. We laughed and drank together, though we glanced at each other with uneasy eyes. The sun was high and our nerves were disturbed. The town jokester was annoyingly holding a whiffle ball competition. We were not impressed in the slightest. Soon enough, it was time for battle. We marched to coordinates 29° 45′ 24″ N / 95° 0′ 19″ W in high hopes and spirits. Little did we know, the day would fill us with dread and terror at first. The opposing forces, from the Northwest region, were prepared and equipped. More than we could possibly dream. Lt. Verlander led the charge and gave it his all. His leadership was leaned on by fellow troops alike. The enemy forces outflanked us and outnumbered us quickly. We fought with all our might, but no tactic seemed so be functioning. It looked to be all lost. Then our second wave of our cavalry struck. We pushed back the enemy with our will and imposing determination. Col. Bregman showed why he was worthy of leading in this war. Mother, that man is our heartbeat in this war. The battle was not over yet though. Just when we were on our last breath of air, SSG. Álvarez unleashed the final blow that would prove to be historical. His heroics drove the enemy to fall back. The troops and I held our clenched fists in the air. We had won the battle, but not the war.

Game 2 – 10/13/2022

Dearest Mother,

After a nice day of rest and slumber, we turned our attention towards the next battle. We had gathered intel that the enemy was leading their charge with what they call their “Ace”. As intimidating as it sounds, we marched on with hope in our hearts and fear behind us following in the shadows. The other troops and I had no time for ice cold ale this time around. We had one thing on our minds; victory. The battle began as Cpl. Tucker struck first. His leadership and courage is never questioned, mother. The enemy forces then began to pounce on our attack. Could this be? Has hope been vanquished by the opposing forces? These many questions raced our minds worried us. All despair was negated as SSG. Álvarez once again gave us a spark. Col. Bregman then finished off our offensive surge. We began pressing the enemy forces back as Col. Pressly shut down any further counter attacks. Once again, the enemy’s will faltered under pressure as our front continued its surge. After this small victory, we know the next battle will be the biggest one yet.

Game 3 – 10/15/2022

Dearest Mother,

I hope this letter finds you well. We did it, mother. The war has been won. We battled all day and all night long. We began to reach our end, but we never gave up. I never gave up. Col. McCullers Jr. led our hard fought victory with his charm and wit. He’s a damn good soldier. The enemy seemed to have an answer for most of our offensive attacks. Frustrating, yes. But we strategized a pivot and began wearing down their forces. We were in it for the long haul and we all knew that. The battle continued as the sun went down and the moon lit up the field. It was moments like that that brings out the warrior in man. Hope was never lost. Not even a little, mother. The battle was balanced for the most part until Pvt. Peña demonstrated grit and courage and led us to our victory. The closing moments was also led my the heroism of Sgt. Garcia. Stuff of legends, I like to say. We are back at basecamp celebrating this victory. Though we can rest our heads tonight, we have gathered intel that forces from the Northeast region are stirring. They could be attacking soon. We will be ready for them regardless. Keep my seat at supper warm for me. I shall return, but for now the long war is not finished.

With love,

Your sons

Private. Garrett Harrelson of the Apollo Regiment.

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