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Lost Letters of Hope: Houston Astros World Series 2022

Game 1 – 10/28/2022

Dearest Mother,

Today was my birthday, as you know. How lovely it would have been to spend it at home with you. The job was not finished though. More forces from the Northeastern region of the country began their invasion. We all knew this meant everything. It was all coming down to this and it was up to us and the rest of the regiment to show courage in the face of adversity. Lt. Verlander led us into battle as the opposing forces closed in on our coordinates. We began the battle strong and prepared. Sgt. Tucker gave us the early advantage with his determination and strength. He’s a hell of a soldier. The tides began to turn… The enemy quickly began to push back and with success. They soon took over our operations and overwhelmed us. Damn. Could this be? Our plan did not come into fruition and we pulled our men. It was time for a new plan. Perhaps we should be more aggressive. It ran through our minds as we attempted to sleep at basecamp. This was not over.

Game 2 – 10/29/2022

Dearest Mother,

We had no choice but to turn the page and prepare for a new morrow. Our plan was simple; kill the brain and the body will die. We marched back to the battle site with confidence and composure. Sgt. Valdez was given the nod to be our spark and captain. He is the man for most situations. He is a suppressor that prevents power from enemy forces. We pushed them back early as Lt. Altuve, Pvt. Peña, and Sgt. Álvarez all strung together attacks against their defensive units. It gave us the early advantage as Col. Bregman capped off our offensive attacks. It was too much for the enemy to crawl back from. Sgt. Valdez imposed them to rethink their coordination. Soon, the opposition became overwhelmed and pulled their forces. As our platoon rallied and bounced back, we gained a lust for blood. We wanted it more than the enemy and we were going to take it no matter what.

Game 3 – 11/01/2022

Dearest Mother,

War is hell. We followed the enemy back to their main grounds with full hearts. It was a trap. They pushed us back with might and strength. We did not have many answers. Perhaps it was what our unit needed. Definitely not what our unit deserved. We were shelled and suppressed. But with determination and resilience, we knew we would return to battle the following day unfazed. We are strong. We will fight. We want this.

Game 4 – 11/02/2022

Dearest Mother,

Many of the enemy forces began to count us out of this war. In our meetings, we knew what we had to do. We had no fear. And those who did were quickly shut down. In this war, fear must be turned into excitement. Cpl. Javier was given the opportunity to lead our forces this time around. Needless to say, our strategy worked flawlessly. The enemy had no answers for our defensive unit. No maneuvers were affective as they struggled all throughout the black night. They landed no blows as we closed out the battle. Col. Bregman was especially brave and gave our offensive unit a huge push. It was the bounce back that we needed. Perhaps it changed the course of the war. Cpl. Javier is one of the bravest men I have ever had the privilege to watch. The war is even at this point, but our regiment has the momentum.

Game 5 – 11/03/2022

Dearest Mother,

This battle meant everything to me and the rest of regiment. Perhaps it could determine the outcome of the war. Nobody knew what our future held. Except for one soldier. Lt. Verlander once again led our forces. He knew his leadership could help earn us the victory we yearned for. Once again, Lt. Altuve and Pvt. Peña began with an aggressive push to help us gain the advantage. Very quickly though, the opposition fought back and evened the battlefield. We did not flinch. We did not even blink. With all his might and bravery, Pvt. Peña helped deliver a blow that shifted the momentum back to us. It was a magical moment when it happened. Lt. Verlander gutted out a brave fight and held his ground. He did not budge. Eventually, our defensive unit saved then long evening. Cpt. Mancini was heroic in the defensive aspects that led him here. Finally, Sgt. Pressly was elected to close this battle out. He did, and with the help of Cpl. McCormick. He made the most heroic play I have ever had the privilege to see. What a victory. We are now leading this war. We pulled back to basecamp with the expectation that the enemy will follow. The plan: trap them and finish this.

Game 6 – 11/05/2022

Dearest Mother,

Back on our own turf. We are ready. The entire platoon knew they could end it all this evening if we could just overwhelm the enemy. Sgt. Valdez planned the ambush with the idea of executing without pause. Being relentless is the key.

The battle began evenly. Both sides fighting and clawing. It was gritty and dirty. When the opposing forces began a push, when struck back swiftly. Lt. Altuve and Pvt. Peña both launched attacks. Without a second going by, Sgt. Álvarez unleashed an offensive blow so extreme it seemed like we had won the war right then and there. Nothing was finished though. The entire defensive unit held the enemy at bay. Before we knew it, the adversary had no more breath. No more will to continue. We broke them. They retreated and left us the victor.

The entire night was filled with jovial celebration. The men deserved every bit of it. Pvt. Peña was awarded for his bravery and outstanding leadership. Something he and us will never forget. At the end of the day, our forces were victorious after many gritty wars. The enemy forces all wanted us. They all indeed got us. This one was for the city.

I am returning home, Mother. I am returning home a Champion.

With love,

Private Garrett Harrelson of the Apollo Regiment

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