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Rockets choke 19 point lead; lose to Wizards 108-103

David J. Phillip - Associated Press

Momentum is truly a factor in any game and this game is a prime example. Houston had a 19 point lead, entered the 4th quarter with a 10 point lead but soon after the Rockets choked it all away . Kyle Kuzma poured in 18 points, in the 4th quarter, while the Wizards outscored the Rockets 37-22 overall in the 4th. The loss felt like what fictional character, Shane Falco, would compare quicksand to where you fight and fight but you sink no matter what. That sinking feeling must be exactly how fans felt while watching the 4th quarter meltdown. It’s games like these that show the potential of this team but unfortunately they didn’t have enough bullets in their holster to fight the Wizards onslaught.

Rockets epic 4th Quarter choke job

The Rockets led, going into the 4th, 81-71 and it almost felt like a winning streak was within their grasp. However, the Wizards decided to become Thanos and hand the Rockets an inevitable L in the loss column. It was basically a comedy of errors, mixed in with Wizards buckets, that turned the tide for Washington. The Wizards tallied off a 15-2 run to start the fourth, to grab the lead, and then they never looked back. The Rockets looked just as bamboozled as David Robinson trying to guard Hakeem Olajuwon when Kuzma was on the floor. The comedy of errors the Rockets made, in this game, we’re a mixture of sadness and hilarity. Watching this truly felt like the Rockets couldn’t do anything right and Silas had every reason to be upset post game.

Sengun Triple-Double on his bobble head night

The Rockets may have taken an L but the positive this evening is the continued progression and improvement of Alperen Sengun. Tonight, on Sengun’s bobble head night, he performed up to task yet again.

You truly couldn’t ask for anything more from this performance. He had a True Shooting percentage 63.9% tonight and he was very good in picking his spots. He was aggressive in the post but yet was able to figure out when to pass as well. Sengun’s feel for the game is “veteran like” in terms of his play style and with KPJ still on the sidelines, he’s stepped up. One of the more important factors here was that he had only 3 turnovers tonight. Although we lost, it’s showing that Al P is doing a better job of taking care of the ball.

Positives and Struggles

Although Sengun had himself a game, the team overall had some positives and negatives. First off, Jalen Green struggled mightily to find his shot yet again. He shot 6/19 from the field tonight and just couldn’t seem to get in rhythm. However, he was aggressive and just kept going for it and that is something we all ask for. Secondly, Jabari Smith Jr made his way back into the lineup and struggled as well. 2/10 from the field and he just seemed very hesitant on the floor. He was hurt so it’s definitely understood that he may come back slowly.

The Rockets did get a collection of good performances from a couple of guys tonight. Jae’Sean Tate and KJ Martin both came to play tonight and it showed on both ends of the floor. KJ Martin had another efficient evening where he shot 8/13 from FG and capped it off with some exciting dunks to pair with his 16 points. He also grabbed a team high 13 rebounds that were sorely needed to stay in this game. Tate came off the bench and played efficiently with 10 pts, 8 rebs, and 4 assts. The effort Tate brings in, night it and night out, cannot go unwarranted as it was a spot that was sorely missed.

Onto the next one

Tomorrow brings a whole new opportunity is the phrase the Rockets should use after tonight’s loss. Despite the stench of this choke job, the Rockets have 24 hours to wipe it all away tomorrow when they play the Cavaliers. The quick turnaround could actually be a benefit for this team because they are so young. Their age is certainly an asset that could be used positively for them and it’s an energy that could be channeled. They will have to play differently though, due to the length of their lineup, plus former All Star Darius Garland. We will all just have to see what awaits the Rockets.

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