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Finally! Eric Gordon traded to Clippers in three team deal

The Houston Rockets, after three long trade deadlines, have traded
Eric Gordon to the L.A. Clippers.

Image via Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports
Image via Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Its been two years in the making where Rockets fans everywhere have been waiting for the Shams/Woj bomb. Today, February 9th, is finally the day. Like the Rock would start a promo, “FINALLY….” Eric Gordon has left Houston. EG is certainly a player that can help a contender and the L.A. Clippers are in need of scoring.

What Rockets got in the deal

In the grand scheme, the Rockets accomplishment was to unload EG to a contender. However, the necessities that were reported, is that Stone had required a 1st round pick. The way he got this 1st round pick is essentially different in comparison to other deals.

Rafael Stone traded a swap of 1sts with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Rockets swapped the Milwaukee 1st, that was acquired in the P.J. Tucker deal in 2021, to the Clippers for their 1st. Basically, the Rockets have moved up in the 2023 draft about 10 spots. Going from 28 to 18, as of today, is a big deal considering how deep the 2023 draft is.

The Rockets also received two pieces in this deal, in terms of players. One is Danny Green, of the Memphis Grizzlies, and the second player is former Rocket, John Wall. First, on Green, I’m unsure about his impact as he’s only three games this year. He suffered a torn ACL last May, so I’m curious to see what he can bring if he does play this year. Now, for John Wall, this is honestly just straight comedy. After his interview where he basically blasted the Rockets, he is back in Houston. However, highly likely he won’t put on a uniform as he’ll likely be waived by the Rockets AGAIN. In addition to this, the Grizzlies received Luke Kennard from the Clippers, while the Clippers received THREE 2nd round picks with Eric Gordon as well.

Eric Gordon goes to where it started

To be fair, kudos to Rafael Stone for doing right by Eric Gordon and send him to a contender. He may not have gotten the pick he desired but trading up 10 spots should still be a win in Houston. Also, for Eric Gordon, it’s wonderful to see him go back to where he started his career after finishing his college career in Indiana. EG started his uprise, as a star shooting guard in LA, and now he may have a chance to finish his career there if desired. With all that being said, congrats to Eric Gordon. We will all root for you in LA and hope that one day you’ll get the one thing you couldn’t do in Houston and win a championship.

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