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Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Reaction

Formula 1 is finally back, and the results may look eerily similar to last season’s. However, there was plenty of drama to take in on Sunday.

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Formula 1 is finally back and the results may look eerily similar to last season’s results. However, there are some twists and turns that most people didn’t see coming. This is my Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix reaction.

Obviously the biggest talking point after the first race of the season is how Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin are actually fast??? Of course Red Bull goes 1-2 and takes quite the commanding lead right off the rip. Ferrari had a power unit failure and one of their cars didn’t make it to the end, surprise, surprise. Also, Lando Norris pitted how many times?

Alonso, Aston Martin’s newest driver, began his billionth season on the grid Sunday morning, and had high hopes for this car going into the weekend. He happened to be right. Alonso battled after a rough start after getting bumped by teammate, Lance Stroll, and had to build his way back up towards the podium.

The battle between Alonso and Lewis Hamilton got the heart pumping, and was probably the only super fun racing part of the day.

Alonso ends up on the podium in third in an Aston Martin. Drink up if you had that on your bingo card heading into the 2023 F1 season.

Red Bull was light years ahead of everyone once again, and it seems like we may be on pace for another boring season at the top of the standings.

Ferarri and Charles Leclerc did a thing that happened a lot during the 2022 season, DNF. Leclerc had a power unit failure during the last half of the race and ended up stopping just off the track. He was in third place and possibly, but more than likely didn’t have a chance at stealing a second place in the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Mercedes was essentially a non-factor during the race. While Lando Norris and Mclaren decided to be non-competitve to begin this season. Lando was in the pits nearly every five laps it seemed like, and his new teammate, Oscar Piastri, didn’t even make it to lap 20 of the race.

My Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix reaction is that this season might play out nearly identical to last season, but I’m thoroughly excited to have racing back every other Sunday for the foreseeable future.

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