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Apollo Media has teamed up with Prize Picks for your daily fantasy plays. Use code APOLLO with your first deposit and get up to $100 matched.

Use code APOLLO with Prize Picks and you can get up to $100 matched on your first deposit.
Use code APOLLO with Prize Picks and you can get up to $100 matched on your first deposit.

As a degenerate, we will be firing off prize picks all season. Let’s keep this short and brief because we have less than two hours before entries are locked. These are my Prize Picks season long picks. Make sure to use code APOLLO when you sign up and you can get up to $100 matched on your first deposit.

Dez’s Picks

Mr. Ohtani – MORE 30.5 Boombahs. Thank you for the Taco Play.

Alex Bregman – MORE 23.5 Boombahs. I think we see 30 plus.

Trea Turner- MORE 176.5 Hits.

Kyle Tucker – MORE 154.5 Hits

Corey Seager- MORE 146.5 Hits

Short and sweet. But my good buddy and fellow degenerate Marti has some more in depth picks. Follow him at @dmcb__ on Twitter.

Marti Locks – MLB SZN
Let me start off by pandering…
– Christian Javier MORE 186.5 191.5 Ks – We missed the value, but this is still one of my favorite plays of the season. Javier has increased his strikeout total for the 3rd straight season. His innings pitched have increased every year, and his K/9 has been over 11 in both seasons he’s pitched over 100 innings. In a great division for pitchers, Javier gets there.
– Aaron Judge Multi Homer Games MORE 4.5 – Hit this before it gets bumped to 5. I don’t think he gets to 11 multi-homer games like he did last year, but I still think this is insanely low and should be an easy hit. This could be hit by the all-star break, only thing holding this back would be an injury.
– Steven Kwan More 150.5 Hits – A natural hitter. Kwan hit .356 in college at Oregon State, in 2021 between double and triple A he combined to hit .328 with only 31 strikeouts in over 300 appearances. His rookie year he batted .298 with 168 knocks. You’re looking for someone who is going to get a lot of PAs and someone that doesn’t strike out a lot. He fits the mold along with the shift being banned I think Kwan breezes past 150 hits this year.
– Spencer Strider MORE 205.5 Ks – STRIDE PIECE. One of my favorite guys to attack last year until the market picked up on him. 131 innings last year and his K/9 were fucking 13.8 (Dez can I curse?). His stuff is absolutely electric. 202 Ks in 131 innings last year, I think he becomes the workhorse for Braves and pitches around 150ish innings this year. (+1200 to lead the league in Ks is great value as well)

Stretch plays I like:
– Kyle “King Tuck” Tucker MORE 154.5 hits – The kid is insane. He’s been right around this number the last two seasons (149 and 140 respectively), but I still think Tucker has room to improve. With Altuve banged up, I expect Tucker to be the heart of the lineup and step up as he’s done in every big situation presented to him. (World Series & Team USA)
– Andrew McCutchen LESS .5 multi-homer games – Hey, we all love Cutch… but the guy is 36 now. Back with the pirates where I’m expecting he won’t be a full time starter. He has had 3 multi-homer games over the last 2 seasons, and I expect more decline. Love a flyer here.
– Juan Soto MORE 89.5 RBI – This one is fairly simple. We know Soto is one of the best hitters on the planet and we know how deep the Padres lineup will be with getting Tatis back eventually and adding Bogaerts. Soto should have many opportunities to drive in runs. This line does seem low and a bit of a trap with Soto batting leadoff at times, but a number I’m willing to take.
-Pete Alonso LESS 38.5 Homers – This is a gut play, but I just can’t see Alonso continuing this path of 40 dingers a season. His hard hit rate as decreased every season, in a division with great pitching and we all know how much he strikeouts. For my money, I’m taking LESS and I think Pete should stick to homerun derbies.

Again, use code APOLLO when you sign up with Prize Picks and get up to $100 matched on your first deposit. Let’s win some money this year ladies and gents.

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