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Rockets and Coach Stephen Silas Mutually Agree to Part Ways

After three seasons with the Houston Rockets as head coach, Stephen Silas did not get his fourth year of the contract picked up.

In a wave of inevitably, the final buzzer sounded and Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski were pushing send on saved drafts. The Houston Rockets and coach Stephen Silas mutually agree to part ways.

Houston Rockets and Coach Stephen Silas have officially parted ways due to the Rockets declining the 4th year on his contract. Was this a foregone conclusion? My answer is yes. When your team has been the worst team for the last three years, then someone and something has to change. Unfortunately, Silas was the fall guy in this scenario.

These issues don’t always stem from issues with Silas but obviously everyone has played a part in this scenario. For Silas, you cant win 25% of your games and go unscathed without blame. Even when it comes to roster construction, or the fact he signed up to coach James Harden and Russell Westbrook, it’s still his job to find a way to succeed. Some people can even look at it as legit tanking and is that a possible argument? Absolutely, but that is all conjecture and speculation for fans everywhere.

For Stephen Silas, the struggle of losing the past two seasons has left him emotionally broken and very depressed. Also when you factor in the death of his father, Paul Silas, the possibility of him being emotionally checked out is understandable. After experiencing devastating losses, in his work life and personal life, Silas may have needed a clean break as well.

What’s next for the Houston Rockets?

The next move will ultimately be up to Tilman Fertita and Rafael Stone. Despite the reports of Stone intruding in practices and trying to implement ideas, it would seem that this move would lead to a veteran head coach. For Stone, he will have to trust the next HC and allow them to do their job to the best of their ability.

All those names seem like very good names to possibly land here and could lead this franchise to the next step towards contention. This off-season will be the biggest offseason to date and many possibilities await the Rockets. So now it’s on to May 16th, for the draft lottery, and the hiring of the next coach. Be ready Rockets fans cause this could be a fun and bumpy ride. Rockets and coach Stephen Silas mutually agree to part ways.

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