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Reasons why Jose Altuve is the absolute best

Jose Altuve clearly always makes time for the fans of baseball which is one of the many reasons why Jose Altuve is the absolute best.

Image via Vanessa Richardson (@SportsVanessa)
Image via Vanessa Richardson (@SportsVanessa)

Last night after a rough loss to the Miami Marlins, Jose Altuve appeared to stay late on the field to interact with fans that were waiting for a chance to meet him. At the end of Vannessa Richardson’s video on Twitter, Altuve gave the jersey off his back to a young fan, and his reaction says it all. This is one of the many reasons why Jose Altuve is the absolute best.

Nevertheless, the man just won AL Player of the Week. Altuve has been scorching hot ever since he came back from injury, which is great news for the Astros as they continue to push towards an AL West title in September.

Houston fans know how special Jose Altuve is, and I’m just glad that other people are starting to recognize it after the last three years of torture that opposing fan bases have attempted to put him through. There are many reasons why Jose Altuve is the absolute best, and last night one was a big one. He’s the Heartbeat of Houston for a reason.

They say you never want to meet your heros, but I sure want to meet Jose Altuve.

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