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What did we learn from the first NFL Sunday of the season?

Football is finally back. The best time of the year is upon us, so what did we learn from the first NFL Sunday of the season?

Image via Al Diaz
Image via Al Diaz

Football fans, we finally made it. Yesterday we got to sit our butts in our couches or favorite recliners and watch football from noon to 10 p.m. It’s the best time of the year for us, and we can all overreact to our favorite team’s performances in week one. So, what did we learn from the first NFL Sunday of the season?

Typically the noon slot of NFL games in week one have a decent number of good to great games. I don’t think we received that type of typical week one this season. Sure, the Titans/Saints game was a one point game and the Bucs/Vikings game was won by three points, but it they weren’t overly entertaining games.

From those games we learned that both the Titans and Saints aren’t very good. The Saints don’t have Alvin Kamara yet due to his suspension, but Derek Carr didn’t look the absolute worst. I’m still not convinced it’s a huge upgrade for the Saints, but he tossed the pigskin around for 305 yards, a touchdown, and a win.

For the Titans, Derrick Henry is still really good, but they didn’t give him the ball a ton. And as a Dolphins fan, we all know Ryan Tannehill isn’t the guy. It’s time to give the keys to literally anyone else on that roster. Oh yeah, and if you forgot, DeAndre Hopkins is on the Titans!

For the Vikings, they won 13 games last season and almost everyone was in agreement that it was probably a fluke. They end up losing to a Buccaneers team that a lot of talking heads have picked to be one of the worst three teams in the league. Not great!

In our over/under season predictions podcast, we were in unison that the AFC North may be the best division in football. After the first week, we may not be so sure about that. The Bengals got their brakes beat by the Browns, the Steelers got throttled by Brock Purdy and the 49ers, and the Ravens looked subpar against a rebuilding Texans team.

Obviously, it’s only week one, but that division did not move the needle for me. The Browns defense looks every bit as good as we thought it would, and the Ravens offense looked a bit better with a number of new weapons for Lamar Jackson, but overall the division looked like a bunch of stinkers.

To finish off the early slate of games, the Jaguars beat the Colts, but not as convincingly as most Jags fans would have liked. The Falcons hit Bryce Young and the Panthers a bajillion times, and I hope that Young finds at least one offensive lineman that he likes. And the Commanders and Cardinals played a game that I guess you could call football… What did we learn from the first NFL Sunday early slate of the season? You could say you learned nothing from it, and that’s OK.

In the afternoon, the Raiders and Broncos kicked off the season at mile high, and the Sean Payton regime started off with a loss. Russell Wilson still didn’t look like a man that deserves $200+ million, but hey, he’s not my quarterback! Jimmy Garoppolo led the silver and black to a win in his first game with Vegas, and looked fairly decent! Congrats Raiders fans, maybe you have an upgrade from Derek Carr.

The Jordan Love era began for the Green Bay Packers yesterday and it looked like more of the same from the green and yellow. They easily beat the Bears in Chicago, and Bears fans may be seeing ghosts. It actually is an incredibly funny storyline that the Bears may never beat the Packers again.

Moving over to the west coast, I may have to put in a formal apology to the Los Angeles Rams. I didn’t have faith in their depth or Matthew Stafford and they marched up to Seattle and throttled the Seahawks. While Stafford never threw a touchdown on Sunday, and Cooper Kupp went on the IR a few days ago, they beat their divisional opponent 30-13. Great stuff from Sean McVay.

The Eagles and Patriots started their seasons off against each other, and early on it looked like the Eagles were going to blow the Pats out. They got off to an early 16-0 lead in the first quarter, but we all knew a Bill Belichick coached team wasn’t going to let that happen. The Pats made it a game, but ultimately fell short in the end and lost their opener 25-20 to the Super Bowl runner ups.

The best game of the afternoon slate happened in Los Angeles. The Chargers and Dolphins faced off for the third time of the Tua/Herbert debate bowl. The series was tied at one and, boy oh boy, did the third game give us a thriller. The Chargers have Kellen Moore as their offensive coordinator now, and it turns out that they’re going to run the shit out of the ball. L.A. had 234 yards rushing and it looked like the Dolphins weren’t going to be able to stop them.

On the other side, Tua threw for 466 yards and Tyreek Hill had 11 catches for 215 yards and two touchdowns. That’s one way to start off your campaign for 2,000 season receiving yards in a season. The Dolphins walked away with a win 36-34 in the best game of Sunday. What did we learn from the first NFL Sunday afternoon slate with your teams?

The night game was a huge dud as the Dallas Cowboys put together an incredibly complete game and absolutely decimated the New York Giants 40-0. The Cowboys defense is scary as hell, and I don’t think we saw enough from the offense to make any overreactions yet because they didn’t have to do too much.

On the other side, the Giants looked like pure poo poo. There wasn’t any offensive line, and they couldn’t do anything at all. Twas truly a gross game to open the season with at home.

It just feels good to have football in our lives in full force again. My Saturday’s and Sunday’s are just filled with me being an absolute slug and melting into my couch again with my eyes bleeding from staring at my television for 12 straight hours. It’s the best time of the year. What did we learn from the first NFL Sunday of the season?

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