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Games 8 and 9 What We Learned: Houston Rockets Edition

The Rockets are on a six game win streak that no one can say they saw coming. Games 8 and 9 What We Learned: Houston Rockets Edition

Image via Getty Images
Image via Getty Images

Was this the best weekend in Houston Sports all year? It’s hard to say no.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how this daunting November schedule turned in to 6 straight wins. Games 8 and 9 What We Learned: Houston Rockets Edition.

Sure, De’Aaron Fox was injured during our back to back wins against the Kings.

Sure, Anthony Davis was injured when the Rockets blew out the Lakers by 44.

Sure, Jamal Murray was injured last night.

Life happens, no?

Regardless of these holes not being filled by teams due to stars being absent, the Rockets have been beyond impressive. What else can I say that hasn’t been said on #RocketsTwitter already?

Let’s at least start here. Do you remember how bad of a team the Rockets have been in the 3rd quarter over the past 7-8 years or so? Even during the Harden-D’Antoni administration, this was a big issue. Seeing this Ime Udoka-led squad continue to close out and even come back in games within reach night in and night out really makes me think this team has a bright future outside of this one moment of collective relief the organization and the fans have enjoyed over the past six games.

While not everything has been sunshine and rainbows (Jabari having issues finding his spots, FVV taking 20+ shots a night, and Jalen shooting 1-13 last night), all we can do is enjoy the newest additions to the win column every night.

With this new-look Rockets team, is there any reason not to create a new center rivalry in the West? I’m sure Nikola Jokic could care less about it, but seeing the MVP give our center this constant praise really adds legitimacy to his 23-24 campaign.

Alperen Sengun is truly looking like an all-star, but it makes me wonder what his ceiling is. He has mastered post moves and is working on his mid-range Dirk-esque shot, but does his ceiling solely fall on if he can begin to make three point shots consistently? Is there any reason he can’t be a 25 PPG player once he begins making 2-3 threes a game?

Regardless, there are so many bright spots to look forward to. Shoutout to Uncle Jeff Green for calling out the Nuggets plays in crunch time and adding 13 (THIRTEEN?) points in the 4th quarter to help alleviate the Nuggets comeback attempt late. The vets are really pushing this team to their true potential.

I couldn’t tell you how strange it was to see Toyota Center filled with life this weekend. It felt like this was the first time in four years where the collective hope truly came to fruition in that building. That FVV game winner on Friday night made me feel things I haven’t felt since game 1 of the 2020 Western Conference Semi-Finals.

Let us have our fun. Being in basketball purgatory for over three years is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Here’s to being 6-3 and 4th in the West.

Your top-6 team in the league, Houston Rockets will be taking on the Los Angeles Clippers on the road this Friday at 9:30 and will have much needed rest this week after six straight grudge matches.

See y’all then. Games 8 and 9 What We Learned: Houston Rockets Edition.

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