Dear Detroit

Dear Detroit

He’s not perfect but who is. He has really good handwriting when he fills out lineups. He is a World Series skipper. He may not be perfect but he’s yours. You probably won’t understand that until you’re in it but there is no one else better.

He will say funny things in postseason interviews like laughing about whistles coming out of the dugout or he will drop “I love you motherfuckers” and then Champagne shower you hehe. Sometimes he will be serious and sometimes he will joke but no matter what he’s a ride or die. Literally will ride with his boys and die for his boys.

AJ Hinch is now yours Detroit. Maybe get him a nice Ford truck or take him to go see 8- mile road (I really don’t know what else you can do in Detroit)

You have a young and upcoming team and now you have a World Series winning Skipper. Good luck but I can’t wait to hang 100 billion runs on y’all and then call the cops on you like a crazy ex.

With Love,


P.S. if you hurt him I will find you.

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