Let’s Talk About Last Night

Let’s Talk About Last Night

The start by Lance McCullers Jr. last night might have been his all-around best regular-season start as a Houston Astro. You don’t believe me take a look.

In one week LMJ went toe to toe with Cole the 2nd best pitcher in the league and Ohtani the prince who was promised by MLB. In years past I think we would have seen a young Lance try to press and overthrow but we are really seeing the emergence of a true homegrown front-end potential ace. Yes, HOMEGROWN. Damn, that feels good to say. The Angels lineup is a lineup that has two bonafide superstars with Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani and they were carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

After pissing away Game 1 of the series it was important to force a rubber match on Wednesday and the offense finally woke up in the bottom of the 8th. Michael Brantley continues to be one of the best free-agent signings in the history of major league baseball. The guy just flat-out hits and I am literally running out of adjectives to describe this guy. He is Captain Clutch.

Then MVPIÑA sends a BOOMBAH into the Crawford boxes that was a complete dagger. Yuli has found the fountain of youth that Ponce De Leon looked for centuries ago and is the Cuban Superstar yet again. My goodness, I love watching this guy play baseball.

We are a few pieces away from being a wagon in October. I am super bullish on this team more than last years and the 2018 team. Yeah, I said it.



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