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NBA Draft Big Board, and Prospects the Rockets Should Target in the First Round

I think it’s fair to say that the Houston Rockets looked a bit different this past year. After parting ways with superstar James Harden and fighting through a season-long injury bug, gone were the days of championship and award contention. The Rockets ended the year with the worst record in the NBA, and missed the playoffs for the first time since 2012.

But despite Houston’s poor season, general manager Rafael Stone and head coach Stephen Silas have plenty of reason to be excited about the future.

On July 29th, the Rockets have the opportunity to select their next franchise cornerstone with the 2nd overall pick in the NBA Draft, along with two talented prospects at the 23rd and 24th slots. These new pieces will add to a team that is already ahead of the curve in the rebuilding process; Christian Wood, Kevin Porter Jr., Jae’Sean Tate, and KJ Martin make up a promising core that rivals that of any other young team in the league.

Here’s a look at some of the top prospects in the 2021 NBA Draft, followed by players the Rockets should target with their first round selections:

Tier 1

1. Cade Cunningham | Combo Guard | 6’8″ | 220 lbs | Oklahoma State

20.1 PPG | 6.2 RPG | 3.5 APG | 0.8 BPG | 1.6 SPG | 43.8 FG% | 40.0 3PT% | 84.6 FT% | 57.4 TS%

Cade Cunningham is a high IQ basketball player that projects as a high level scorer and passer. Very rarely do you find players that are the leading scorer AND engine of their team, but Cade has all the tools to be exactly that on an NBA level. Mix in his leadership and defensive versatility, and you’re looking at a player sitting comfortably on his throne as the best player in 2021 draft class.

Tier 2

2. Jalen Green | Shooting Guard | 6’6″ | 180 lbs | G League Ignite

17.9 PPG | 4.1 RPG | 2.8 APG | 0.3 BPG | 1.5 SPG | 46.1 FG% | 36.5 3PT% | 82.9 FT% | 61.3 TS%

If you listen closely, you can hear buckets getting served wherever Jalen Green ends up getting drafted. Green has a knack for putting the ball in the basket, allowing his creativity and athleticism to be the heart of his offensive aesthetic. Oozing the confidence of a young prodigy, Green’s game could explode with some improvements in his ball-handling and playmaking ability. It’s very possible we’re looking at a future perennial scoring champion in this league.

3. Evan Mobley | Center | 7’0″ | 210 lbs | USC

16.4 PPG | 8.7 RPG | 2.4 APG | 2.9 BPG | 0.8 SPG | 57.8 FG% | 30.0 3PT% | 69.4 FT% | 62.4 TS%

Evan Mobley is a seven-foot ballerina that happens to be *really* good at the game of basketball.

While many people use the term “three-level scorer,” Evan Mobley should really be considered a “three-level defender.” With insane length (7’4″ wingspan) and agility, Mobley is fully capable of shutting down any area on the defensive side of the court. And considering the fact that his offensive arsenal, while raw, already contains tools that very few players his size have, Evan Mobley is a prospect that any team would love to get their hands on.

4. Jalen Suggs | Point Guard | 6’4″ | 205 lbs | Gonzaga

14.4 PPG | 5.3 RPG | 4.5 APG | 0.3 BPG | 1.9 SPG | 50.3 FG% | 33.7 3PT% | 75.4 FT% | 59.5 TS%

If you couldn’t tell by the way he plays basketball, Jalen Suggs was a 4 star quarterback coming out of high school. A dynamic athlete that can read the game as well as anyone in this class, Suggs has shown some great ability as a facilitator and defender, with intriguing flashes as a scorer as well. Whether or not you buy an incredibly high ceiling for Suggs is one thing, but what can’t be denied is his potential to be a foundational piece to a basketball team in the future.

Tier 3

5. Scottie Barnes | Forward | 6’7″ | 225 lbs | Flordia State

10.3 PPG | 4.0 RPG | 4.1 APG | 0.5 BPG | 1.5 SPG | 50.3 FG% | 27.5 3PT% | 62.1 FT% | 54.8 TS%

Offensive players will be extremely frustrated when Scottie Barnes is locking them up while clapping and smiling from ear to ear in the process.

Barnes is one of the most unique players in this class: As a 6’8″ point forward with a 7’2″ wingspan, he willingly picks up point guards full court and causes havoc in the process. Barnes will end up making a lot of money in this league by being a lock-down defender and a capable offensive facilitator. How he rounds out the rest of his offensive game will ultimately depend on his ability – or inability – to shoot the basketball.

6. Johnathan Kuminga | Forward | 6’8″ | 220 lbs | G League Ignite

15.8 PPG | 7.2 RPG | 2.7 APG | 0.8 BPG | 1.0 SPG | 38.7 FG% | 24.6 3PT% | 62.5 FT% | 49.7 TS%

While Jonathan Kuminga may have had a relatively disappointing season with G League Ignite, he still has a legitimate case as the most physically ready prospect in this draft class. Teams will be intrigued by Kuminga’s raw athleticism and explosiveness, giving him quite the upside as a defender, transition player, and scorer. Kuminga has all the potential in the world, but the question is whether or not he’ll be able to tap into those tools to become the All-Star caliber player that we know he can be.

7. Moses Moody | Small Forward | 6’6″ | 211 lbs | Arkansas

16.8 PPG | 5.8 RPG | 1.6 APG | 0.7 BPG | 1.0 SPG | 42.7 FG% | 35.8 3PT% | 81.2 FT% | 56.8 TS%

I’d guarantee all 30 NBA organizations would want a Moses Moody on their team. The 6’6″ guard is one of the more skilled defenders in this class, using his seven-foot wingspan to disrupt offensive sets. Teams should expect Moody to come in and be an effective shooter from day 1, as he shot 35.8% from beyond the arc on a high volume this past season at Arkansas. There’s a level of intelligence that Moody plays with that will catch the eye of any team in the lottery, as he has the potential to positively impact the outcome of games around the margins for years to come.

8. Keon Johnson | Shooting Guard | 6’5″ | 185 lbs | Tennessee

11.3 PPG | 3.5 RPG | 2.5 APG | 0.4 BPG | 1.1 SPG | 44.9 FG% | 27.1 3PT% | 70.3 FT% | 51.9 TS%

As impressive as breaking the vertical jump record at the combine might be, Keon Johnson’s athleticism has been catching the eyes of scouts since long before then. The Tennessee product is a one-of-a-kind athlete that knows how to put his gifts to good use. His defensive skillset ranks among the best in this class, and he’s a locomotive in transition with *just enough* wherewithal to change speeds when needed.

Questions about his shot will emerge, but one should expect Johnson to project as an excellent cutter and an above-average passer. It’s only a matter of time until Johnson finds himself being a major contributor to an NBA organization AND a frequent participant in SportsCenter Top 10 plays.

9. Davion Mitchell | Combo Guard | 6’1″ | 202 lbs | Baylor

14.0 PPG | 2.7 RPG | 5.5 APG | 0.4 BPG | 1.9 SPG | 51.1 FG% | 44.7 3PT% | 64.1 FT% | 61.9 TS%

The reigning National Champion is on a high that could potentially take him as far as the first half of the lottery. Mitchell has built a reputation as one of the premier defenders in this draft class, and many expect that to translate to the next level. What elevates the profile of Mitchell is his constant improvement on the offensive end. The Baylor Bear shot 44.7% from 3 while displaying the ability to drive-by defenders on his way to the cup. An investment in Mitchell in the lottery symbolizes a vote of confidence for his offensive upside, but expect Mitchell to thrive regardless of his offensive ceiling. He isn’t called “Off Night” for nothing.

10. Alperen Şengün | Center | 6’10” | 240 lbs | Besiktas (Turkey)

19.2 PPG | 9.4 RPG | 2.5 APG | 1.7 BPG | 1.3 SPG | 64.6 FG% | 19.0 3PT% | 81.2 FT% | 68.5 TS%

In a draft class full of intriguing international prospects, Alperen Şengün has established himself as the top dog. The 18-year-old Turkish League MVP is arguably the best rebounder in this draft class, as he’s displayed an uncanny knack for being able to track down the basketball once the shot is in the air. Şengün is also one of the best back-to-the-basket scorers in this draft, highlighted by a patent-pending spin move that defenders can’t seem to slow down.

Şengün is going to have a tough time on defense if he is asked to play on the perimeter, but he’s shown flashes of effectiveness when placed in drop coverage during his time at Turkey. NBA coaches should be excited about the idea of bringing Şengün’s skillset into their program.

11. James Bouknight | Shooting Guard | 6’5″ | 190 lbs | UConn

18.7 PPG | 5.7 RPG | 1.8 APG | 0.3 BPG | 1.1 SPG | 44.7 FG% | 29.3 3PT% | 77.8 FT% | 54.6 TS%

After a dynamic scoring season at UConn and a great showing at the combine, James Bouknight finds himself in a position as one of the hottest commodities in this draft class. Bouknight is an explosive athlete that can positively affect offenses by way of his scoring, cutting, and offensive rebounding. Now that defenses won’t be keying in on him as the go-to scorer, Bouknight will have to embark on evolving other parts of his offensive game to show a more well-rounded repertoire. Improvements as a catch-and-shoot 3PT shooter and a pick-and-roll playmaker could elevate Bouknight into the upper echelon of this class.

12. Josh Giddey | Point Guard | 6’8″ | 211 lbs | Adelaide (Australia)

10.9 PPG | 7.4 RPG | 7.5 APG | 0.5 BPG | 1.1 SPG | 42.7 FG% | 29.3 3PT% | 69.1 FT% | 50.6 TS%

Josh Giddey has sent shockwaves to scouts all the way from the NBL, and for good reason. A 6’8″ guard who can pass the ball as well as anyone in this draft class, Giddey has the capability to be a strong contributor to an NBA team. Questions will come up about his defense and shooting ability, but the positionally Giddey brings to the game with his skillset and size will make it hard for teams to pass up on him.

13. Jared Butler | Point Guard | 6’4″ | 193 lbs | Baylor

16.7 PPG | 3.3 RPG | 4.8 APG | 0.4 BPG | 2.0 SPG | 47.1 FG% | 41.6 3PT% | 78.0 FT% | 59.9 TS%

With Jared Butler being officially cleared to play, NBA teams can really start to prioritize this sharpshooting point guard out of Baylor on their draft boards. Butler will definitely come into the NBA ready to shoot, but we’re talking about someone who can flat out ball. In college, Butler gave the Baylor Bears an amazing all-around game that helped elevate their passing, defense, and finishing ability in the paint. He’s a sure-hand that will be ready to contribute from day 1.

14. Kai Jones | Center | 7’0″ | 221 lbs | Texas

8.8 PPG | 4.8 RPG | 0.6 APG | 0.9 BPG | 0.8 SPG | 58.0 FG% | 38.2 3PT% | 68.9 FT% | 64.6 TS%

Kai Jones, the former track star who started playing organized basketball at the age of 15, may still be learning the game on the fly, but is already proving himself as a promising young player. Kai is a gifted athlete with great leaping ability, and has a tremendous motor when running the floor. He’s shown himself to be a solid shooter in flashes (38.2 3PT% on 1.3 3PA), and a great cutter from the wing and the baseline. On the opposite side of the ball, he’s an active, switchable defender who has the potential to hold his own guarding 1-5 in the NBA. Kai should project as a player that’s versatile enough on both ends to make a significant impact.

15. Usman Garuba | Power Forward | 6’8″ | 230 lbs | Real Madrid (Spain)

4.0 PPG | 4.1 RPG | 0.8 APG | 0.7 BPG | 0.6 SPG | 50.4 FG% | 27.5 3PT% | 59.5 FT% | 55.2 TS%

I challenge anyone to watch Usman Garuba film and not fall in love with him instantly. Garuba is about as active as they come, finding ways to put his fingerprints on basketball games any chance he gets. With very little flaws on the defensive end of the court, Garuba is arguably the best defender in this class. If he continues to make steady improvements from 3 point range as he did in his time at Real Madrid, expect him to be in the NBA for a long time.

Tier 4

16. Corey Kispert | Small Forward | 6’6″ | 224 lbs | Gonzaga

18.6 PPG | 5.0 RPG | 1.8 APG | 0.4 BPG | 0.9 SPG | 52.9 FG% | 44.0 3PT% | 87.8 FT% | 67.4 TS%

Step 1: Pass the ball to Kispert.

Step 2: Tell Kispert to shoot the 3 ball.

Step 3: Run back on defense after Kispert makes the shot.

It can all be that simple for whichever team selects Corey Kispert this year. By leaps and bounds the best shooter in this class, Kispert can elevate offenses due to his ability to space the floor with his absurdly high shooting percentages. While Kispert showed at Gonzaga that there’s more to his game than just his shot, NBA teams will count on Kispert to be their sniper for years to come. And you can expect him to deliver.

17. Franz Wagner | Small Forward | 6’9″ | 220 lbs | Michigan

12.5 PPG | 6.5 RPG | 3.0 APG | 1.0 BPG | 1.3 SPG | 47.7 FG% | 34.3 3PT% | 83.5 FT% | 58.7 TS%

Franz Wagner is one of the smartest defensive players in this draft class, using his size, length, and motor to make proactive reads. Offensively, Wagner can be used in a number of different ways, most notably running the pick-and-roll effectively. His ball-handling and shooting consistencies will need improvements, but NBA coaches will ultimately love having a player like Wagner who can fill plenty of gaps on both sides of the ball.

18. Jalen Johnson | Forward | 6’7″ | 210 lbs | Duke

11.2 PPG | 6.1 RPG | 2.2 APG | 1.2 BPG | 1.2 SPG | 52.3 FG% | 44.4 3PT% | 63.2 FT% | 57.5 TS%

Despite a controversial ending to his time at Duke, Jalen Johnson did enough in his 13 games to prove himself as a strong prospect. Johnson is a creative forward with a strong overall feel for the game, most noticeably in his passing ability. Athletic as they come, Johnson has also shown flashes of brilliance on the defensive end. Questions moving forward will involve consistency in his 3PT shot (only 8/18 on the year) and his ability to finish through contact.

19. Tre Mann | Point Guard | 6’4″ | 178 lbs | Flordia

16.0 PPG | 5.6 RPG | 3.5 APG | 0.1 BPG | 1.4 SPG | 45.9 FG% | 40.2 3PT% | 83.1 FT% | 57.9 TS%

After a not-so-hot freshman year at Florida, Tre Mann came out guns blazing for his sophomore campaign. The 6’4″ guard lit up the SEC this year, putting up 16 PPG on 45.9/40.2/83.1 splits. The most remarkable aspect to Mann’s numbers this season, though, was his ability to create for himself, managing to shoot well from beyond the arc on a high volume of unassisted attempts. To add to his shooting ability, he’s also shown upside as a high level playmaker for his teammates. Mann has proven himself worthy of being a top 15 selection, and NBA teams should be intrigued by his ability to play on and off the ball.

20. Sharife Cooper | Point Guard | 6’1″ | 180 lbs | Auburn

20.2 PPG | 4.3 RPG | 8.1 APG | 0.3 BPG | 1.0 SPG | 39.1 FG% | 22.8 3PT% | 82.5 FT% | 51.9 TS%

In a stretch of 12 games, Sharife Cooper single-handedly made Auburn basketball must-see television. The dazzling creativity Cooper possesses was on full display, using his eyes to draw defenders away from where he intends to pass the ball. With 8.1 assists per game on an eye popping 51.9% assist rate, Cooper may well be the best passer in this draft class. Size, defense, and shooting concerns are all question marks, and reasonable minds will speculate how much that’ll impact his transition to the next level. However, passing is a skill that translates in the NBA, and when you do it as well as Cooper does, there will surely always be a job for him in this league.

Tier 5

21. Chris Duarte | Shooting Guard | 6’6″ | 190 lbs | Oregon

17.1 PPG | 4.6 RPG | 2.7 APG | 0.8 BPG | 1.9 SPG | 53.2 FG% | 42.4 3PT% | 81.0 FT% | 63.3 TS%

At 24 years of age, Chris Duarte is the old man of this draft class. But that won’t stop him from giving just about anybody in front of him buckets.

The Oregon standout is one of the premier shooters in this class, showing strong ability to drain 3PT shots on and off the dribble. Duarte is also an intelligent help defender, as he hauled in 2.7 stocks per game (BLKs + STLs) last season. Teams searching for a prospect that will give them immediate production will be more than happy to draft this professional shot maker with knowledge on the defensive side of the court.

22. Ziaire Williams | Small Forward | 6’10” | 188 lbs | Stanford

10.7 PPG | 4.6 RPG | 2.2 APG | 0.6 BPG | 0.9 SPG | 37.4 FG% | 29.1 3PT% | 79.6 FT% | 47.3 TS%

A polarizing figure to say the least, Ziaire Williams will generate interesting discussions inside NBA war rooms come July 29th. The Stanford product had a less-than-stellar freshman year, as there were several factors that contributed to him and his team having a wacky season. While the former #7 prospect on the ESPN 100 surely lost most of his draft stock during the past year, it’ll still be difficult for teams to pass on a 6’10” forward containing great footwork and high potential on both ends of the floor.

Selecting Williams is the definition of a risk-reward play. And if Williams does pan out, an NBA organization will be lucky to gain a high-level basketball player that was projected to go much higher coming out of high school.

23. Isaiah Jackson | Center | 6’10” | 206 lbs | Kentucky

8.4 PPG | 6.6 RPG | 0.7 APG | 2.6 BPG | 0.8 SPG | 54.0 FG% | 00.0 3PT% | 70.0 FT% | 58.7 TS%

Isaiah Jackson is a high level athlete that owns a ton of real estate around the paint on the defensive end, as he’s one of the most dominant rim protectors in this entire draft class. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for with quick-twitching leaping ability that could alter anyone’s shot. Offensively, Jackson should project as a highly effective rim-running big, a skill that is simple but dangerous for opposing teams. If Jackson learns how to stay out of foul trouble, we’ll be looking at a productive basketball player for years to come.

24. Jaden Springer | Shooting Guard | 6’4″ | 202 lbs | Tennessee

12.5 PPG | 3.5 RPG | 2.9 APG | 0.4 BPG | 1.2 SPG | 46.7 FG% | 43.5 3PT% | 81.0 FT% | 57.0 TS%

Jaden Springer is one of the youngest players in this draft, but the level of maturity shown in his game wouldn’t lead you into believing that. Springer is a physical 6’4″ guard that had a nice season at Tennessee by making endless winning basketball plays for his team. With limited spacing in his only year in college, Springer will now have the opportunity to work within an NBA system, which could elevate his game to the next level.

25. Trey Murphy | Forward | 6’9″ | 206 lbs | Virginia

11.3 PPG | 3.4 RPG | 1.2 APG | 0.4 BPG | 0.8 SPG | 50.3 FG% | 43.3 3PT% | 92.7 FT% | 67.0 TS%

Add Trey Murphy to the “All 30 teams want a guy like him” list.

Murphy is a lengthy 6’9″ forward that is an ideal 3&D candidate at the next level. He’s a sound athlete that impressed scouts last season with his ability to stay in front of whoever he was defending. Teams can also count on him to be a good cutter and knockdown spot up shooter at the next level. Clear indicators from metrics and film could boost Murphy into being a top 20 selection.

26. Ayo Dosunmu | Point Guard | 6’5″ | 200 lbs | Illinois

20.1 PPG | 6.3 RPG | 5.3 APG | 0.2 BPG | 1.1 SPG | 48.8 FG% | 39.0 3PT% | 78.3 FT% | 56.6 TS%

NBA teams will have no problem selecting a First Team All-American in the first round, especially when he brings as much to the table as Ayo Dosunmu does.

Donsunmu’s a wiry guard that makes solid contributions on both sides of the ball. On the defensive end, his comfort guarding 1-3 will allow him to make an immediate impact at the next level. Offensively, he worked well out of the pick-and-roll last year and showed an uncanny ability to knock down shots with the shot clock winding down. Dosunmu has a very realistic shot at competing for NBA minutes right away, which should intrigue playoff teams enough to select him if he’s still on the board.

27. JT Thor | Power Forward | 6.9″ | 203 lbs | Auburn

9.4 PPG | 5.0 RPG | 0.9 APG | 1.4 BPG | 0.8 SPG | 44.0 FG% | 29.7 3PT% | 74.1 FT% | 54.7 TS%

[I’ll try to avoid making any Marvel references here]

JT Thor has been a steady riser since the beginning of this draft process, and it looks like it’ll be enough to make him a first round selection. Thor was inconsistent in his only year at Auburn, but showed flashes that should catch the eye of many teams. Averaging 3.8 stocks per 40 minutes, the 6’9″ forward with a 7’3″ wingspan is nimble enough to guard 1-4 with ease and can clean up plays that may seem impossible to make. Offensively, Thor only shot 29.7% from 3PT range during the season, but in his 12 game sample size playing alongside Sharife Cooper, Thor saw his 3PT shooting percentage increase to 35.1%.

All in all, people may view selecting Thor as rolling the dice on potential, but his skillset would make him a Lo-ki good pick [sorry, I couldn’t help myself].

28. Roko Prkačin | Forward | 6’9″ | 225 lbs | KKC (Croatia)

13.3 PPG | 6.8 RPG | 1.6 APG | 0.5 BPG | 0.8 SPG | 49.2 FG% | 39.4 3PT% | 65.4 FT% | 56.9 TS%

International standout Roko Prkačin is one of the more versatile players in this draft class. Roko is an excellent finisher that also has strong upside as an offensive creator and a defensive contributor. His skillset is comfortably suited for both the 3 and 4 position, as he can operate from the perimeter or on the block. At 18 years old, Prkačin would be a fun investment for whoever takes him.

29. Miles McBride | Point Guard | 6’3″ | 195 lbs | WVU

15.9 PPG | 3.9 RPG | 4.8 APG | 0.3 BPG | 1.9 SPG | 43.1 FG% | 41.4 3PT% | 81.3 FT% | 54.4 TS%

As a 6’3″ guard with a 6’9″ wingspan, McBride excels on the defensive side of the ball. He’s an extremely strong defender at the point of attack, with peskiness and gnat-like defense that flusters his opponents. Offensively, McBride shot 41.2% from 3PT territory and 46.2% on catch and shoot 3’s, while also showing flashes as a low post scoring threat on smaller defenders and as a pick-and-roll playmaker. Miles McBride’s tenacious mentality will entice NBA organizations to select him in the first round.

30. Josh Primo | Shooting Guard | 6’5″ | 189 lbs l Alabama

8.1 PPG | 3.4 RPG | 0.8 APG | 0.3 BPG | 0.6 SPG | 43.1 FG% | 38.1 3PT% | 75.0 FT% | 56.5 TS%

NBA teams weren’t going to allow Josh Primo to go back to school after his impressive combine performance. Primo is the youngest player in this draft, making him a candidate for NBA teams to stash for a year to work on his development. What they’ll have to work with is a solid defender with a sound shooting stroke (44.3% on catch and shoot opportunities), and impressive playmaking abilities that weren’t necessarily highlighted during his time at Alabama. Investing in Primo won’t be about looking for an immediate return, but more so about what he could potentially become over the course of his NBA career.

Draft Targets for the Houston Rockets

Pick #2: Jalen Green and Evan Mobley

Recent reports from media outlets suggest Jalen Green to be the Rockets’ go-to selection as of right now. While these reports could be all speculation at this point, there’s no denying Jalen Green’s ability to put the ball in the basket would benefit a Rockets team that went on numerous scoring droughts after James Harden’s departure. Adding Green makes the Rockets must-see-TV again, and pairing this electrifying scorer alongside Kevin Porter Jr. gives the Rockets their backcourt of the future.

Alternatively, the defensive prowess of Evan Mobley would immediately elevate the interior defense of the Rockets. Although worries about a two man lineup of Christian Wood and Evan Mobley have emerged, the Rockets’ frontcourt lineup of Christian Wood and Kelly Olynyk worked well for Stephen SIlas this past year, with Olynyk putting up career numbers in his half-season with the team. The combination of two bigs who can both space the floor – which Evan Mobley does well, along with facilitating and scoring in the paint – should prove to be highly beneficial for the Rockets’ offense if he’s selected.

Picks #23 and #24:

In a talented draft class, the Rockets will have a plethora of options to make by the time their picks roll around in the back end of the first round. Below is a tiering of players the Rockets can target with their last two picks.

Tier 1: Must Grab Players Who Most Likely Won’t Be Available On the Board

  • Kai Jones
  • Usman Garuba
  • Corey Kispert
  • Jalen Johnson
  • Tre Mann

Tier 2: Realistic Options for the Rockets to Select

  • Jared Butler
  • Sharife Cooper
  • Chris Duarte
  • Ziaire Williams
  • Isaiah Jackson
  • Jaden Springer
  • Trey Murphy
  • Ayo Dosunmu
  • JT Thor
  • Roko Prkačin
  • Miles McBride
  • Josh Primo
  • Nah’Son “Bones” Hyland ( 6’4″ Combo Guard, VCU: Listed at #31 on my Big Board)
  • Cameron Thomas (6’5″ Shooting Guard, LSU: Listed at #32 on my Big Board)

Tier 3: A Reach to Select at #23 and #24, but a Great Fit for the Rockets

  • Quentin Grimes (6’5″ Shooting Guard, Houston: Listed at #33 on my Big Board)



  1. Houstongirl1996

    July 19, 2021 at 8:44 pm

    This is so insightful and well written. You can tell this guy knows what he’s talking about! See a big future ahead for him!! Great job! 👏🏾

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  3. Brad LeBlanc (Twitter Handle: @HakeemThe_Dr34m)

    July 20, 2021 at 6:23 pm

    They could move up to #1, but Detroit is asking for a lot. A trade would most likely consist of 4 first round picks, maybe more.

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