The Framchise

The Framchise

I have seen it a million times, y’all have seen it a million times and it never isn’t weird to me when it happens truthfully.

This is me pulling back the curtains for y’all.

Apollo Media has always been about the community, the people and the city first. Hell, Apollo is not around right now if the foundation wasn’t our community. WHO STARTS A SPORTS MEDIA COMPANY 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE WORLD SHUTS DOWN FOR MONTHS. The reason we are still here today is because of the people that believed in us from the jump and I am truly thankful for each and everyone of you and owe you guys in this life and the next for believing in this crazy dream.

As we continue to grow into the digital media and content world, one of our pillars will always be our merchandise. So when Framber, the Staff Ace of the Astros, is wearing our shirt on a post game zoom conference well that’s pretty damn badass. BUT when the local media starts asking about it, well that’s when I just sit there saying “WTF is life” over and over and over again. It truly never makes any sense and I think that’s a good thing. It allows the team to keep going and thriving and never being satisfied. Because complacency is the next step to failure. We are all truly thankful for the continuous social support and especially last night. Thankful for all the guys rocking our stuff. Thankful for all the hard work by the team. We will keep on growing out the pillars of Apollo and there will be bumps and bruises along the way but the foundation being you, the community, well nothing is ever breaking that down.




You can get the shirt here but you know that.

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