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Who is Drew Gilbert?

The Houston Astros finally had a first round draft pick after the organization was scapegoated by the Commissioner of baseball for an epidemic of cheating that ran rampant under his tenure.

That’s the stone cold facts.

Anyways very sad, we were back in the first round drafting 28th overall. Let me preface you with this, THERE WAS SO MUCH DAMN VALUE AT 28 THAT I WAS SCREAMING AT THE TV. There were a lot of teams that took some questionable fliers on arms with damage, and big question marks with bats in front of the Astros. Drew Gilbert kept sliding down the boards and I held my breath, I knew the org loved this kid and it just lined up perfectly for the Astros to take him 28th overall.

Drew Gilbert has that dawg in him, a typical grinder, first one in and last one out, grab your lunch pail and go to work kind of kid. Now that we got those out of the way, Drew Gilbert was the bad boy villian for the most HATED team in college baseball last year. Tennessee pissed everyone off last year, and Gilbert was the heart and soul of that team. He only batted .362 with a 1.128 OPS with 11 tanks on the best team in America. When I say I love this pick, I am not gaslighting you. I think he has plus power to all fields, elite vision and can play the hell out of CF. Drew Gilbert is that dude and he will be moving quickly up the system.

Other than the erotic bat flips, Gilbert hates umpires just like me.

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