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Reacting to the Houston Rockets New Uniforms

The Houston Rockets paid homage to the origins of their franchise with new San Diego inspired uniforms.

Houston Rockets' New Uniforms pay tribute to San Diego

As is a tradition in the NBA, the Houston Rockets’ new uniforms were released Wednesday morning.

Right off the bat, you can see that there is no red or blue of any sorts to be found in these zoomed-in images. Rockets fans were curious, but I’m not sure they were optimistic. Almost immediately people could guess that these new uniforms would be an ode to San Diego, where the franchise first played.

When I saw the teaser I did not have high hopes for these. I’m a fan of the Rockets’ navy blue alternates, and typically don’t like uniforms that don’t have anything to do with the team’s current colors.

I’ve been proven wrong, and the Houston Rockets’ new uniforms are absolutely amazing. The green and yellow definitely give off major Seattle SuperSonics vibes, but the Rockets executed these extremely well.

The font used for these uniforms is super vintage looking, which I love, and the design on the upper part of the shorts is chef’s kiss. While most NBA fans are going to scream and cry about how the SuperSonics should still have a team, the Rockets decided to steal their scheme. They stole effectively.

The Houston Rockets could be a surprise play-in team at the end of the season, and boy, will they ever look good doing it. I’m all in on these San Diego Rockets uniforms.

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1 Comment

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