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Is something wrong with the Dallas Stars?

The Dallas Stars have been in a little slump since the All-Star break. Is there something wrong with the team, or are they just fine?

Image via Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Image via Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars are now sitting in second place in the Western Conference behind the Vegas Golden Knights. The Stars are 3-2-5 in their last 10 games, is something wrong with the Dallas Stars?

Overtime has certainly been an issue with the team throughout the season. For some reason all of the open ice creates a few unforced errors with the boys, and all of a sudden, the opposing team has a breakaway and ends the game before overtime truly even started.

With just over a week until the NHL trade deadline, I’m almost certain that the Stars will make a move. How big of a move is the question that everyone should be asking since the west is still fairly wide open.

The Dallas Stars have played pretty much every team at the top of the Eastern Conference, and haven’t had the success you’d wish they’d have as the best team in the Western Conference. Just over a week ago, they matched up with the Tampa Bay Lightning for a rematch of the bubble Stanley Cup Finals. The game was tied at one with less than a minute left in regulation, and the Lightning came through with a goal with only 40 something seconds left.

The issue that the Stars had in the game against the Lightning came pretty much sum up the issue with all of the other close games and losses they’ve had over this stretch. The power play hasn’t been scoring, like, at all.

In the four losses since the All-Star break, the Dallas Stars have gone a collective 0-13 on the power play. The team was in the top six in the NHL of power play success before February began. Teams like Tampa and Boston are going to win those games if the Stars continue to go 0-4 on the power play each time they face those teams.

I’m no hockey savant, but I’m pretty sure not taking advantage of your power play opportunities is not a recipe for success. The Stars should be beating teams like the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild handily, but they could only muster up one single point between those two games this past weekend.

The good news is, the Dallas Stars will be making a trade, or at least should be, for some sort of forward. Whether the options for Patrick Kane dwindle so much that Chicago deals him within the division. Or the Stars grab another center to go on the fourth line in Luke Glendening’s absence, there should be a move to help them out to push in power play goals.

Never forget when Tyler Seguin and Kaner teamed up in Switzerland during the last lockout (eyeballs emoji).

Is something wrong with the Dallas Stars? I don’t think there truly is. Seeing one power play goal go in should get the boys jumping again and the offense will continue to hum after that.

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1 Comment

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