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Apollo Spring Training Day 3: Winners Win.

The Apollo boys are undefeated at Astros Spring Training games after three years. Superstars playing 7+ innings certainly helps the cause.

Image via Apollo Media
Image via Apollo Media

There are few things in life that are guaranteed. Death, taxes and The Houston Astros winning ball games while the Apollo Crew is intown. Over the last 3 years on our journeys to South Florida it just happens that the Astros have never lost a Spring Training game while we were present. This year might be a little different as we will be here all month but so far the trends of winning are staying strong. Apollo Spring Training day 3: Winners win.

The World Baseball Classic Exodus

Spring Training is known for the Laissez-faire vibes and building up over the month to be ready for the 162 game grind. This year is different with the World Baseball Classic kicking off and baseball’s superstars are headed out to represent their respective countries. What does that mean for us baseball fans? Well we get to see Jose AltuveKyle TuckerJeremy Peña – and others playing 7-8 innings, we are seeing starting pitchers like Luis Garcia throwing 3 innings and 50+ pitches. The fans who came out to experience the first few weeks of Spring Training received a nice little baseball bonus.

The Dudes are Ready

Jose Altuve, Jeremy Peña, and Kyle Tucker combined for a 5-9 day at the plate with 4 runs driven in. That will do. You can tell the boys are still a little uncomfortable with the clock ticking down on them but they will adjust to it way quicker than we will.

Ryan PresslyHector NerisBryan Abreu continue to be just FILTHY. 3 PUNCHIES over 3 combined innings.

The Whitley Experience

I am ready to stand on the table and say this is his year. That comes with knowing the Forrest Whitley Experience will be a roller coaster. Two innings pitched, one hit, one walk, one punchie. Box score lovers will be amped but in the stands it was hitting blackjack with 5 cards. After a leadoff walk, JP boots a routine double play so we have runners on the corners no outs, we get a wild pitch that ricochets back to the catcher and a backdoor out and then we get a double play. I love it but I am a masochist.

Apollo Spring Training day 3: winners win edition was full of ups and downs as well as chaos. In the wise words of LaVar Ball, Apollo Media has, “Never lost,” at Spring Training.

Check out the latest Beyond the Diamond episode live from West Palm Beach with the boys.

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1 Comment

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