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Are Astros Fans Too Greedy? Is it Really Dusty Baker’s Fault?

For the last seven seasons, Astros fans have been spoiled by the extreme success of their favorite baseball team. Are Astros fans too greedy?

Image via Fox Broadcast
Image via Fox Broadcast

Please put your weapons and other accessories down. Just let me talk.

Since 2017 (really, 2015 if we are being honest), this Astros team has been the heartbeat of the city, the small talk centerpiece, and the Hurricane Harvey savior. Why is it that now when the Astros are a top 10 team that has dealt with the weirdest run of injuries like stepping on an elongated base (thanks Rob Manfred, love you!) and plenty of our arms genuinely being ripped in half, folks continue to complain and complain on #AstrosTwitter?

I truly get the expectations. I promise I do. Every single year, it has been World Series or bust, but do we not understand the cards we have been dealt? Teams are getting better and continuing to bolster up all around us, fan interest is skyrocketing, home games are really home games now. God, I can’t even imagine what postseason road games are gonna feel like this year. I’m looking at you, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, etc.

That being said, what is Dusty Baker going to do with a team that has looked consistently spottier than 101 Dalmatians? I truly promise that Yainer Diaz and Chas McCormick being inserted every single day (I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN! I AM NOT THIS DELUSIONAL) will only take us so far.

The lack of consistent arms is the real problem here that nobody is talking about. Bringing in Kendall Graveman added a much needed pitcher to our bullpen but it just never feels like enough. This is a much different year than others. Offense is up, the pitch clock is fun, and the injuries we have faced basically solved themselves.

So this begs the question, are Astros fans too greedy? Is it really Dusty Baker’s fault?

Who knows, as I am currently typing this, Jose Altuve has just hit his fifth (5) (five) home run in twelve innings against the Rangers, so I’m sure all of this season-long uproar will be completely forgotten when we sweep through the ALDS and begin our yearly Astros Invitational. Look, theres me being spoiled again.


Are Astros fans too greedy? Is it really Dusty Baker’s fault? Let me know your answer in the comments.



  1. Pattrina Pastran

    September 9, 2023 at 2:08 pm

    Yes, everyone, Astros fans included, want them to win every single game. What’s the fun in that? Every player has good and bad days, Astros and other teams. Look at what happened with Yankees vs what happened with Rangers! I love the excitement either way cuz I love our players. Win or lose. That said, GO ASTROS!!!

  2. Richard Wiegard

    September 10, 2023 at 6:16 pm

    You pose some interesting dialogue. So here’s my take on the subject. The Astros, like every other major league team strives EVERY YEAR to win, for themselves, their city, ownership and paycheck. That, to me is a no brainer. I think the current ownership of the Astros is probably the best we’ve ever had here in Houston. As for Baker, he and all levels of Astro management were no doubt vetted prior to their assuming their positions. Do they sometime make a wrong decision. Duh. Welcome to humanity. But in the end, I’m certainly not privy to the resources they each have to do their job, so I’m willing to cu5 them some slack rather than to critique each move (usually after the fact). So in summary, So. I do not think the Astros or Houston is too greedy. They are simply doing the best they can to bring continued pride (and bragging rights) to Houston.

  3. Tim Casey

    September 14, 2023 at 11:13 pm

    Yanier Diaz is hitting better than Murphy, Rutchsman, Smith, Realmuto, and Heim, even factoring in his time at DH where he a little above average. If you look at his production when he’s on the field, it’s ridiculous. He’s elite! He is also a plus, plus defender. Chas is in the top 10-20%, defensively and offensively among all outfielders. Dusty, instead of counting his blessings, has opted to scramble their eggs at every opportunity. He is turning Diaz into his Astro version of Trea Turner. They won’t say it because they know complaining publicly is professional sport’s suicide, but does anyone think for second that the players aren’t aware of the controversy? One thing for sure, this season is all about Dusty. Oh, and that depleted starting rotation should worry more about getting more run support than which catcher does their homework for them. This team had every reason to mail this season in but they refused to do so. Wouldn’t it be nice if their Manager would put his best scoring lineup on the field. Tell me anyone who wasn’t giddy about Sunday’s Death Star lineup against the Padres? Well Servais and Bochy weren’t.

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