August 10th, 8:00PM CST. Disgruntled Astros fans begin tuning in to what they hope won’t be yet another deflating loss. They’ve seen 5 in a row. The team needs a spark, bad. [Enter LMJ]. The man comes out dealing, hit-less & damn near perfect through 3 innings. This would usually be enough to put a lil wind in the sails of Houston fans, but we saw this same scenario last week; Lance, outstanding & hit-less through 3, then a 4th inning where all hell breaks loose.

So, even after watching our boys put up 5 runs over the first 3 innings, everyone in Houston still held their breath as they watched Lance trot back out there for the 4th time of the night. 3 hitters came up, 3 sat down, and we all let out a commutative exhale. We were all good through 4 for the first time in what seemed like forever! And then 5, and then 6… it actually wasn’t until 1/3 of a way into the 7th that LMJ gave up his first (and only) hit of the night.

We needed this game so so so bad, and the new Astro Ace delivered. 7 innings, 1 hit, and a whole lotta ice in his fucking veins. Man pitched such a good game that not even a Josh James relief appearance could ruin it, and that’s saying something. Houston finally gets a win, defeating San Fran 6-4 to break a 5-game losing streak. We were stuck in a stretch where the Astros just couldn’t catch a break, so Lance decided he wasn’t gonna leave this one up to breaks, he was just gonna SIUEFA. ALL HAIL THE ASTROS ACE!


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