Let’s Address Baseball Twitter from Today

Let’s Address Baseball Twitter from Today

Here I am minding my own business when this tweet appears on my timeline:

If any of you have been on Twitter since the sign stealing scandal was officially released, this fellow Andy Martino has started to appear more and more on my very biased timeline. Mr. Martino seems to always stick his nose where it doesn’t belong and it appears that he continues to have zero clue what’s happening within the confines of the Astros clubhouse. Shocker.

Many people are even more upset at the Astros now after this tweet surfaced. Some people, like current Astros players are also upset at this tweet.

Usually I’d prefer for the players to turn the other cheek and let their game do the talking for them because I don’t want anything to come back to bite them. But goodness gracious, did I ever enjoy Lance and Reddick coming for the throat of Andy Martino today. Why would a New York biased reporter have any sort of source other than what Carlos Correa says in the postgame interviews that is incessantly pissing off thousands of other baseball fans.

The Astros have put on the black hat this postseason and it appears that the team has also awaken to play really good, meaningful baseball. In sports, more than likely, every sport will have a villain team. In basketball it was the Miami Heat big three and the juggernaut Golden State Warriors. In football there is the Alabama Crimson Tide and the New England Patriots. Typically for baseball it’s the New York Yankees (and frankly still is), but the Houston Astros have been added to the list, and boy, I am loving every minute of it.

I guess if you hate the Astros, there’s only one thing to do. Cry.

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