Letters From The Road

Letters From The Road

Editors Note: The New Guy has taken time out on his western campaign to write his infamous letters.

Dearest Mother,

The victory trumpets echo throughout the hills of Anaheim as we march in a victory formation yet again. The men’s morale after such an up and down month and a half has been rocky at best, but we march on Mother as we know the hot days of summer lead to the crisp nights of Fall. This vicious rumor circulating among the camp that General Baker and Senator Click have differentiating war plans and have clashed on how to attack and position our troops on the battlefield. We march east to battle the House of the Royals. We all have a bitter taste in our mouths for what transpired a near half-decade ago. I believe General Correa should lead us directly into battle as his tour days are numbered here with our army. The news coming out of the Bay is that the Oakland Army stays very close to us, and I do believe mother when we meet in the open field here in the distant future that it will be the bloodiest battle in the history of humanity. I hope this letter finds you well and you are proud of your son, who fights on the front lines.

Your son,


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