The American League Runs Through Houston

The American League Runs Through Houston

Last year, I wrote a blog about the Astros advancing to their fourth straight ALCS. That’s a pretty big deal. Guess what? The Astros are once again in the ALCS for the fifth straight season. This is absolutely the golden age of the Astros, and it could 100% continue next season as long as the right people are paid this offseason…

This was the first season where Carlos Correa was healthy for the entire year. He showed off every chance he got, and he’s the leader of this team. He’s the one that was willing to wear the black hat for what allegedly happened in 2017, and he wore it proudly. Of course he’s the guy that turned this game upside down for the Chicago White Sox. Also, a few quick questions, why is it spelled Sox and not Socks? Why are there so many Sox in the MLB? Why do the Astros have to play all of them? OK, rant over.

The Astros extended staff ace Lance McCullers Jr. during spring training, and boy did Jimmy Click nail that on right on the head. McCullers threw a gem in the first game of the series to get off on the right foot, so it was only right that he started game four to close it out. He left after four innings of work, but he did his job and held the White Sox to a single run.

Now, it’s onto the ALCS where the Astros will have yet another playoff series against the Boston Red Sox. These Sox came out of the gate strong this season, faded in the middle and stumbled into the playoffs. While that’s not the ideal situation for a regular season, they’re currently a hot team and knocked off the cheap bastards the Tampa Bay Rays. Homefield advantage goes to Houston for this round as they will kick off the series Friday night in the Juice Box.

These last five years have proven that this era of the Houston Astros is one of the best teams and runs of all time. The boys have chips on their shoulders, and they want blood. Let’s win another series and have some fun doing it.


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