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Week 3: The Houston Texans Beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 37-17 – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

(AP Photo/Melina Meyers)

How are we feeling, Texans fans? Firstly, let us congratulate DeMeco Ryans and C.J. Stroud on their first win together. Fucking badass. The Houston Texans have beaten the rival Jacksonville Jaguars 37-17 in dominant fashion. And when I mean dominant, I mean the Texans big dawged the fuck out of them in their own house.

The Texans were heavy underdogs going into Week 3, but did not care. Lots to talk about with this one.

The Good

(AP Photo/Gary McCullough)

Where do we begin? There was so much good that was displayed at EverBank Stadium. Firstly, C.J. Stroud is a DAWG. He went 20/30 with 280 yards and 2 touchdowns. A goddamn 118.8 QB rating. Are we sure he is a rookie? He looks comfortable and poised as if he is a veteran. Making all the throws and reads, processing plays quickly, not making mistakes. Stroud is doing the damn thing.

Coaching has taken a huge step forward. All aspects of the game looked SHARP. Offense not making mistakes, defense being physical, special teams making plays. When a team excels in all three phases, they are probably going to win. Flowers to the coaching staff for a great game plan.

What is this offense? Nico Collins? Tank Dell? Brevin Jordan???? They are all improving and helping each other succeed. Tank Dell looks like the best rookie receiver and that sounds amazing to say/write. Also, I’m so impressed with this offensive line, man. Going from zero to one hundred in one week. Not allowing a sack. Like what! That’s how you win a fucking game.

So many guys on defense that deserve flowers. Man, they were ready to play. Blake Cashman, Steven Nelson, Shaquill Griffin, Will Anderson Jr, Henry To’oto’o, Jimmie Ward! Am I missing anyone? Yeah, probably. That was a great performance by this unit. Fucking flowers to them.

Like I said, so much good. I didn’t even mention the batshit Andrew Beck kick return. Badass as fuck.

The Bad

Not a whole lot of bad. Which is crazy to say considering the last few seasons for the Texans. I guess I’ll try to find some bad things.

Though Brevin Jordan caught a touchdown yesterday, he and Dalton Schultz combined for 3 receptions. Not great. This offense can excel even more with heavy tight end use. Hell, not even heavy. Just moderate use at this point. I’m sure Bobby Slowik will figure it out and I’m confident that he will.

Run game was better, but still not great. It’s trending upwards though.

That’s kinda it. Like I said, not a lot of bad.

The Ugly

All I can really say is injuries, but the Texans are getting healthier. What happens when they are fully healthy? Where would they be if fully healthy all season long? That’s the true ugliness.

The lack of red pants is also ugly. Bring back the red pants.


(AP Photo/John Raoux)

First win in the books. More to come? We’ll see. If things continue like this, the Texans will win some more games. I can tell you that for free.

Vibes are vibing. Stroud looks great. 1-2 looks a lot better than 0-3. We move.

Next week, the Texans host the Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) on J.J. Watt Ring of Honor Day. What a rush writing that. Should be a fun one.

Also, if C.J. Stroud does not get national media attention this week…the agenda is clear.

Watch Football. Watch Texans.

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1 Comment

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