The Golden Age

The Golden Age

Before we shift our focus on the World Series content at hand, I wanted to say LUIS GARCIA YOU’RE THE BADDEST MAN ON THE PLANET. Every time he pitches it is the biggest game of his life and yet he puts his head down and does a little cha cha slide and throws a wipeout cutter. I literally love the kid. It was his time.

As I play catch up on content post ALCS, I just want to soak in this moment forever. 3 pennants in 5 years. A whole year of being the bad guy for everyone in their own lives. And as we sit here to embark on another World Series I am just thankful and enjoying each moment for what it is. This half decade of dominance might be something we will ever in our lives ever again. The odds say that this is likely never going to happen again in our lifetime and I am at peace with that.

Back to what was game 6, watching The Astros close out the Red Sox in New York City at an Astros bar with a bunch of people rocking Apollo gear might have been one of the best moments in my life. Instead of being at MMP, Stout Bar was the 2nd best place to be on Friday. To watch the strike em out throw em out, the Tucker dagger, and Press slamming the door was absolutely special. Sports bring people together and I walked into that Astros bar not knowing anyone and left with some family for life.

Oh ya, Yordan Alvarez your papa loves you and I will see you at G1.


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